January 15, 2018

JET teacher Teresa's 2017-18 New Year's Blog Post!

Happy New Year! Fifteen days have already passed since the ball has dropped in New York, signaling that 2018 has started.


Have you done anything different since the new year has begun? Personally, I have been attached to my Harry Potter audiobooks, so you won’t see me without my earphones! I’m not sure if I want to set a reading goal, but I definitely want to re-listen to the Potter books once I have finished listening it for the first time. There are always details you miss that could open your eyes.

As it’s nearing late January, we are approaching something called “daikan” (大寒), which essentially means really cold weather. This year, “daikan” starts January 20th and ends on February 3rd. As it’s said to be very cold during this time, be sure to dress properly!


Here is a fun, random fact about “daikan” weather: eggs hatched during the early “daikan” weather are called “daikan eggs!” Apparently, they are extremely nutritious and delicious. According to Feng Shui, these eggs also bring luck, health, and fortune! Since it brings such prosperity, I think I’m going to grab a couple of these eggs myself! Why don’t you try some these coming weeks?

See you!




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