January 29, 2018

Korean student visit

We had a wonderful visit with some students from Korea on Friday. The students were here in Japan on a short homestay experience made possible by the Korean Japanese Association (KOJA) and their educational branch, Haewei Education Development (HED).

They only had the morning available as it was the last day of their stay in Japan. So we tried to pack in as much fun as we could in the short time we had available.


After greetings and a tour of the school we had them spend an hour with our junior high school third-year students. In this class we played with a bunch of different traditional Japanese activities, such as: kendama, ayatori, karuta, koma, and den-den daiko.


And then in the next one hour session we had them with our first year high school students who will be going on the Homestay trip in March. In this session, we played more physical activities including a gesture game.

At the end of the morning, students spent a lot of time exchanging contact details and taking pictures together. They really enjoyed themselves.


It was really good to see the students connecting despite language and cultural barriers. In fact, despite all of the challenges that occur at the government level, many times on a personal level we can overcome most of these challenges and make wonderful friendships. That is a big part of our mission here at the international department. We want to foster those friendships and those wonderful experiences to help promote international communication and cooperation.

We would like to thank the people at KOJA and HED for contacting us and enquiring about a visit. We hope to see you again!



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