January 22, 2018

Winter Holiday blog from William!!

In the winter holiday of my grade 1, I went back to my home,Shanghai. By the way, I brought my friend Tsunoda to Shanghai for a trip. He stayed for one week in my home with me.
The first day, I took him to the center of Shanghai to watch the skyline of Shanghai, the place which called Lujiazui. A lot of skyscrapers. We went to the TV Tower of Shanghai of a great view, saw the opposite of Huangpu River.

We also went to the Shanghai Disney Land. It was fantastic and gorgeous. We went to a brave road, seemed very dangerous but we have safe ropes, very exciting experience.
We took the bulled train of china which called ‘Gaotie’ to Hangzhou for a great trip of Chinese culture. At evening we had dinner in a restaurant called ‘Louwailou’, which G20’s dinner took place in.The meal there was perfect.




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