February 15, 2018

JET teacher Teresa's 2018 Monthly Blog Post!

Hi, everyone. I’m greeting you right now as one of the new Private JETs Prefectural Advisor in Tokyo!

It’s an exciting new chapter for me as I’ve actually wanted to become a Prefectural Advisor for a while. Since I came to Japan, I have been very active in trying to find ways to help other JETs, for example with cheaper phone contracts. Helping make even this one aspect better allows JETs to save a little more for paying back university loans or other utilities. Additionally, I advise new and current JETs who find that they are unhappy with their current homes and use my experience to help them move to better places.

Now that I have been officially named the PA, I have more responsibilities. Besides helping JETs one-on-one with their relocation needs, I am also in charge of organizing JET conferences, workshops, and other such things. According to the previous PA, the arrival of new JETS will be the busiest times, but I expect this because I have volunteered to help in each orientation since I arrived. I hope to use my knowledge from my previous work to the coming one.

It has only been two months since I stepped into this position, but I will try to make as big of a difference as possible.

P.S. Here’s a picture of me in Hokkaido last week. I’m signing how big of a difference I want!



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