April 10, 2018

Laurence's April blog post

Hello everyone!

JET teacher Laurence here.

A new school year in Japan means club introductions(クラブ紹介)! The JET teachers were, of course, in charge of the English Conversation Club. Something special about the English club is that our members are allowed to join one more club. This means that some of our members were not able to come help us. Thankfully, our vice-captain and a few of the members were able to give us some of their precious time to help.


Everyone learned a line or two of dialogue they had to repeat in front of the visitors. We also took out of a lot of games to show students how much fun we have at the club. We don’t want students feeling stressed when thinking of joining.

It’s all about making English fun.


Overall, I think our club introduction was a success! We hope this means a lot of new members this year. Let’s make English fun for our new and returning members!



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