April 11, 2018

Laurence's March blog post

Hello everyone! JET teacher Laurence here.

During spring break, I decided to not travel anywhere. Instead, I did a lot of what in English we call “Spring cleaning”. Overseas, a lot of people feel like the start of spring is a good time to clean their entire house. This means also replacing damaged furniture, clearing up their closet and cleaning small places and corners they usually ignore. I think a lot of people in Japan feel the same in Spring, don’t you agree?

Personally, I did a lot of laundry, including my bed sheets. I also put my winter clothes away and my heater and took out my summer and spring clothes and my electric fan.
Of course, in Japan, spring means hanami. I did go on a big picnic with friends. We had a lot of food! It was very beautiful.


How about you? Did you clean your house at the start of spring? Did you have a hanami party with your friends?



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