April 20, 2018

Rebecca's spring holiday blog

This holiday, I not only went back to China, but also went to visit many scenic spots. Let me tell you where have I been to.

I went to Hakone with my mom. We stayed there for two days and enjoyed it a lot. We walked along the long shopping arcade in front of Hakone Station. There were many souvenir shops and delicious local foods. We were so excited! We ate onsen manju (manju is a bun with a sweet center). Hakone is famous for its soba noodles so we at a lot of this dish

The next day, we went to the Hakone Open Air Museum, It is one of Hakone's many museums. We chose this one because it has many paintings and sculptures, the most important of which are Picasso’s paintings. We visited Picasso exhibition room and were surprised by his paintings. This museum is built in the mountains and I think they wanted people to enjoy the combination of art, people and nature.


My favorite spot was this building called Symphonic Sculpture. It looks like a normal building outside but once you go inside you will be amazed by it. The hundreds of rocks set in the wall were painted in different colors and made into different shapes. It was really beautiful so many visitors stopped to take pictures.

After that we rode the Hakone cable car. We took the cable car to some scenic spots I had been to one of these places before, and I remembered that we tried the hot spring black egg, so we tried it again. It was very delicious. We also got a good view of Mt. Fuji!

We finally went back to our hotel and enjoyed the hot spring at night! That was a wonderful trip to Hakone!



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