April 13, 2018

Teresa's April blog post

Hay fever was something I never thought I’d worry about, but it is slowly becoming a part of my daily life. Before I realized it, my nose always gets this tingling, irritating sensation when I walk outside. I thought I just caught a cold or maybe even the flu again. (I was out for a week with the flu in March and it is something I never want to experience again.)

The truth suddenly hit me when I heard that people usually develop hay fever after five years in Japan. F.I.V.E. It’s so much shorter than I expected. For now, I am simply enduring the irritation and earnestly praying that I actually am not becoming allergic to pollen. How will I smell all those flowers after all?


Do you have allergies? If so, do you have any tips to prevent symptoms from developing overtime or at least a day?

[For most students visiting or moving to Japan, you probably won't have much difficulty with hay fever. But if you have it in your home country, you might want to bring some medicine. Just in case... (Brent)]



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