May 10, 2018

William's Golden Week blog

In Golden Week, I went to a glorious place; Kamakura. It it a nice maritime city; people called it “the Hawaii of Japan”.

My uncle drove us to Kamakura. The situation of the road was pretty bad that day, full of traffic jams, but we still got there around 10 am.

The first shrine we went to is called Tsuruoka Hachiman-Ku. It’s a huge traditional Japanese shrine. A lot of tourists were there so it was really crowded. I’m very lucky that we got a chance to watch a Shinto ceremony in the shrine, but actually I don’t actually know much about what they were doing. lol

We went to Enoshima in the afternoon. It is a pretty, small island with mountains. I ate some seafood there. It was very fresh and delicious.

I want to go there again!




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