June 28, 2018

Thanks Kousei!

Three weeks really pass quickly when you are having fun!

Our visitor, Kousei, has already been here for three weeks and it is time for him to continue on his journey so we had a little fair well for him.


We know he will be in Japan for little while yet. In fact, he should be joining us on our excursion in July. So he will have time yet to catch up and hang out with some of our students if he wants.

And we have also told him we would enjoy having him back if he gets a chance. The teachers and students hope to see him again.

Thanks for coming!!

June 21, 2018

"Open school" - Summer 2018

Hello everyone!

Many people who follow this blog have been with Seiritsu in some form or another for a while. But some of you have not had a chance to come visit around the school.

We will be having some open schools in July. There is a day for trying out the club activities on Saturday, July 28th. Students can come out and try the clubs they might be interested in. This means they can have a good idea of how they are.

On Sunday, July 29th we will have our open school for junior high classes. Brent will be leading a few English classes with a special focus on Extensive reading. Our school continues to add different forms of student-centered learning and active learning.

If you have a chance, we encourage you to come attend the open classes and open school. Come see how the important idea of 見えない学力 (mienai gakuryoku) is being developed.


Hope to see you there!

The links for the Japanese information and signing up are here:
7/28 Club: [ https://mirai-compass.net/usr/event/evtDetail.jsf?cid=2&vmodelName=evtIndexVModel ]
7/29 Junior High: [ https://mirai-compass.net/usr/seiritzj/event/evtIndex.jsf ]

June 20, 2018

William's Term 2 blog

In June of this term, we had a wonderful school trip to the southern Japanese island, Okinawa. Okinawa is like the Hawaii of Japan, a lot of tiny islands with nice surrounding ocean and beautiful tropical trees.

We went to an island called Yoron. The ocean there was beautiful like jewelry; blue and clear under the beaming sunshine. We did snorkeling and observed the world under the water. Although it’s kind of dangerous to take off life jackets, we still took them off and dived into the sea. I felt I was a fish when I did diving. It was a fantastic experience.


June 13, 2018

Intro blog from American student Kosei

Hello my name is Kousei, and I'm staying at Seiritsu for 3 weeks. I'm a Japanese born in America but I only know a little Japanese. It's a long story. All the staff in Seiritsu are very friendly and they try to speak English to you. Even the students here try to speak English to me, even though I'm really quiet. If your a Japanese American, or even if you are a foreign who wants to study in Seiritsu or visit here I think you would love your experience. You should try!! It's not going to hurt. I'm the one on the right in the picture below.


June 5, 2018

Laurence's June blog


Hello everyone! JET teacher Laurence here.

On June 1st the SGC (Seiritsu Global Center) finally opened! During the month of June, the international teachers were in charge teaching special lessons. This month, I decided to teach French. French is my first language. I started learning English in elementary school. Most students and teachers do not notice until I tell them because my English level is very high.

The French lessons were very fun! I was happy to share my culture with my students. Some teachers also came to the lessons. They became my students too, for a short time. At the end of the month, I also gave a special talk about Canada: the culture, education, the nature etc. I hope I was able to make them interested in my country enough for them to visit it someday.

It would make me very happy!

See you next month!


June 4, 2018

Laurence's May blog


Hello everyone! JET teacher Laurence here.

So many things changed at the international department in May! The biggest thing being, of course, preparing the new international room. It is called the SGC. SGC stands for Seiritsu Global Center. The room will serve many purposes. In the SGC, students can read English books, study, practice for the TOEFL and TOEIC tests. They can also enjoy English media during lunch time and after school.

The SGC will also be the new office for the JET teachers and some of the international staff.

Sometimes, the SGC will also be used as a classroom too.

Finally, a few times a week, there will be seminars in the SGC about lots of different topics. We are very excited to bring all of these things to Seiritsu Gakuen in a way that is accessible and useful for the students.

If you come to Seiritsu, please visit the SGC! It’s on the second floor of the taiku (orange) building.

Thank you for reading! See you next month!


June 1, 2018

Teresa's May blog


Welcome back to Seiritsu News. You are probably wondering what the graph is representing. Let me tell you in one word: Heat.

Goodness, the sun is shining like it’s a Hollywood celebrity and subsequently frying me from the outside in. Everyone, be sure to wear sunscreen. You should actually wear sunscreen everyday even in those dark, cloudy days. Let’s be proactive in protecting our health.

Speaking of health, let’s be sure to hydrate ourselves. Signs of dehydration include: dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, dark yellow urine, dry skin, and low energy. With so much at stake, let’s drink that cup of water even if you think you don’t need it!

Happy summer times!



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