June 21, 2018

"Open school" - Summer 2018

Hello everyone!

Many people who follow this blog have been with Seiritsu in some form or another for a while. But some of you have not had a chance to come visit around the school.

We will be having some open schools in July. There is a day for trying out the club activities on Saturday, July 28th. Students can come out and try the clubs they might be interested in. This means they can have a good idea of how they are.

On Sunday, July 29th we will have our open school for junior high classes. Brent will be leading a few English classes with a special focus on Extensive reading. Our school continues to add different forms of student-centered learning and active learning.

If you have a chance, we encourage you to come attend the open classes and open school. Come see how the important idea of 見えない学力 (mienai gakuryoku) is being developed.


Hope to see you there!

The links for the Japanese information and signing up are here:
7/28 Club: [ https://mirai-compass.net/usr/event/evtDetail.jsf?cid=2&vmodelName=evtIndexVModel ]
7/29 Junior High: [ https://mirai-compass.net/usr/seiritzj/event/evtIndex.jsf ]



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