October 30, 2018

Amy's trip to Diet Building, Zojoji and Tokyo Tower!

Recently, all of the international students, as well as the students who have done homestay before and those who are going on homestay experiences went on an excursion together. It was a really great day, possibly one of my favourites since I came.

First we went to the Diet Building which was overall pretty similar to Australia's Parliament House. It wasn't that exciting but it was nice to see how it all worked. After that we took a short train ride to Zozoji temple where we talked about the Tokugawa shogunate and some other aspects of traditional Japanese culture. It was fun to do Omikuji (fortune) with my friends and I was glad that I got the luckiest one :)

20181030 Amy excursion blog 3.jpg

We then walked to Tokyo Tower and took the elevator up to the first level. The view was really nice, and we were able to take cute photos with Halloween hats and costumes.

20181030 Amy excursion blog 2.jpg

20181030 Amy excursion blog 1.jpg

I had such a great day and thank you to all the international teachers for making it happen!!

October 29, 2018

Todd's October blog

October was very good as I started training again for the first time since January. It's been very hard trying to get back into it the rhythm because I've been out so long. I am gradually getting there though and it's an amazing feeling to be able to play again. I'm hoping to be able to be completely fit and play full games by Christmas.

20181008 Todd Oct blog.jpg

We also had the Halloween party with the junior high school kids. It was good to mix with younger kids and help them with english.

Overall, it was a good month.

October 29, 2018

Gaoussou's visit to Diet Building etc.

The month of October was one of the most eventful and educational months within Seiritsu. Because a lot of things happened. Among other things we went on an excursion for international department students. During this excursion we visited Zojo Temple, Tokyo Tower, and the Diet Building (where Japan's national parliament is.

20181028 Gaoussou excursion blog.jpg

At the heart of this, I must say that I made some new friends and gained some new experiences.

October 27, 2018

Gaoussou's October blog

I participated in a prestigious Japanese basketball tournament held in October in the prefecture of Fukui that is dedicated only to high school students. I was one of the Tokyo team members. Before the official games we played, friendly matches were also played and it was really great. My style of playing has improved and I made a lot of friends during that tournament. But unfortunately we didn't reach the top

October 27, 2018

Rebecca's trip to Diet, Tokyo Tower and Zojoji

The weather was turning into fall but it was sunny! It was really a perfect day for the excursion!! We had so many students this time! I made many new friends!

First we went to the Diet Building (seat of the government of Japan). It was such a huge building! There were many huge doors for every political party, a long walkway and a huge main hall! There were many journalists waiting in front of the door. It was really like the situation which we can see on the news. Then we finally went into the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It was so huge and so quiet! So amazing!

20181015 Rebecca Diet excursion blog 3.jpg

Next we went to Zojoji. It was a very important temple for Tokugawa shogun family. We were in different groups and learned a lot! We also went around the temple! It was so big inside! Finally we had picked omikuji (luck predictions). I got kichi! Good luck!

Lastly, we went to Tokyo Tower! A previous time I went to Tokyo tower at night and it was really beautiful. This time I can enjoy the view in the afternoon. We took the elevator to the main deck. The view was so good! I went into the souvenir store and bought a little toy Tokyo tower and four post cards. I wanted to write to my friends and family members. I hope they can receive them soon!

20181015 Rebecca Diet excursion blog 1.jpg

I really had a good time on this excursion!

October 26, 2018

Sophia's October excursion

Recently, the international students and the study abroad students went on an excursion. The weather was really nice so I enjoyed walking around Tokyo. We went to a the Japanese national government building, called the Diet building. We also learned about Tokyo tower before climbing it to see the views. At a nearby temple called Zojoji, we also looked at the many jizo. The jizo that we saw today were especially made for children. It was interesting to see all the personalized jizo that people have dressed up.

I am happy I was able to make new friends with the students who plan to study abroad or have studied abroad in the past.

20181025 sophia excursion 1.jpg

20181025 Sophia excursion 2.jpg

20181025 Sophia excursion 3.jpg

October 20, 2018

Scarlett's October blog

I went to Nikko last month and it was so refreshing to be in the countryside and away from the pollution of Tokyo.

Sadly the maple leaves were not in full bloom but I still enjoyed my time staying at my first onsen, visiting Tosho-Gu shrine, and seeing the Shinkyo bridge.

20181020 Scarlett oct blog 2.jpg

The best part of my trip was waking up and going straight to relax in the outside onsen which had stunning views of the river.

20181020 Scarlett oct blog 4.jpg

As Nikko is famous for strawberries I tried some delicious strawberry ice-cream..

20181020 Scarlett oct blog 1.jpg

..and also tried Yuba cooked in lots of different ways.

20181020 Scarlett Oct blog 3.jpg

Next month I will be going to Hakone so if you have any advice/tips then let me know.

Peace out.

October 18, 2018

William's term 3 blog

During his term, I went to Tokyo Disney again. It has been 8 years ago since the last time I wennt. However, this time, I went to The Tokyo Disney Sea.
I'm very afraid of roller coasters, it's just very hard for me to endure the fear and gross feeling when the roller coaster is doing weird stuff that makes you feel disgusting but excited. Although I didn't plan to ride any roller coasters, my friends pulled me onto three of them. At first it just made me scared, but it turned to excitement finally.
The atmosphere in Tokyo Disney Sea was fantastic, it looks like a fairy land at night. I also enjoyed a gorgeous firework show. I really had a good time with my friends there.

20181015 William term 3 blog.jpg

October 15, 2018

Sophia's term 3 blog

I went to Harajuku and Shibuya with fellow exchange student Amy after school. Harajuku is usually very crowded so we were pleasantly surprised to see how uncrowded it was. We took a purikura (short for print club) which is a special photo booth that is popular for producing highly photoshopped photos. We ended up looking completely different in the photo which I find funny every time I do purikura. I recommend everyone try it at least once since they do not have this in a lot of countries.
20181018 Sophia blog.jpg

20181018 Sophia blog 2.jpg

October 8, 2018

Teresa's October blog

As the season slowly transitions from fall to winter, we also may be interested in changing some parts of our life. How about your kitchen? Specifically, the food you cook in your kitchen.

20181010 Teresa pot noodle.jpg

With my recipe, you can brag that you don't need these ↑ anymore

Recently I have been enthralled by an easy-going reality show about a Korean couple running an AirB&B in their home in one of the Jeju Islands. Like most of the other hostel owners, this couple starts cooking for others. I was inspired to recreate one of their dishes: spicy noodles with veggies.

20181010 Teresa blog pasta.jpg

This is the "light version." I personally like mine more red with more spice.

This is something you can whip up if you want something quick that will warm you from the inside out!

You need:

1 pack of ramen noodle (without the sachet)

2 handfuls of okra

2 handfuls of spinach

1 egg

2 tablespoons of gochujang

A splash of sesame oil

A dollop of honey

(As you can see, there is no exact measurements. Just use your heart as a guide.)


Wash your hands!

Oil your pan.

Stir fry the okra and spinach for about 5 minutes.

Put the veggies in a separate bowl.

Boil water for the noodles.

Cook the noodles until al dente.

Mix the gochujang, sesame oil, and honey.

Mix all the veggies, noodles, and sauce.

Fry an egg.

Place the fried egg on top of the noodles.

Feel free to add cucumbers and sesame seeds!

20181010 Teresa blog cloud egg.jpg

Enjoy! These pictures are from the Internet because this dish is too delicious for me to not gulp down the noodles within a second of it being placed in front of me.


October 5, 2018

Rebecca's term 3 blog - Seiritsusai!

One of the most important events ----The Seiritsu Festival was held on Sep.29th and 30th this year!

20181015 Rebecca term 3 blog 1.jpg

The theme for this year was USG (Universal Seiritsu Gakuen). This is the second time for me to take part the school festival. And it was also the last school festival in the Heisei era. So we have tried so many new things! First we had the Miss Seiritsu contest for the first time. Then time was given to perform to whomever wanted to show their own solo talent.

For our class, generally, we have shops and sell food. But we wanted to challenge ourselves and decided to have two projects - one food shop and one haunted house. I belonged to the food shop group. We decided to make a Chinese food shop and sell fried rice. We first did some decorating. I also took my rice cooker for my class!

20181015 Rebecca term 3 blog 5.jpg

Finally it was the day of bunkasai. First our singing club sang five songs on the main stage. We sang five songs. We practised very hard so we did a great job. We also wore yukata. I was so excited about it because I finally have the chance to buy my own yukata! It was a lot of fun!

20181015 Rebecca term 3 blog 2.jpg

The English Club also had many activities. We had tea and candy. Our club members introduced all kinds of tea and talked to the visitors.

20181015 Rebecca term 3 blog 4.jpg

My last shift was in the haunted house. It was my first time to be in a haunted house, but because we made it ourselves,I didn't feel scared at all!
It was really a wonderful time! Our haunted house's theme is was clowns. We made noises and had scary music. The people who came in all felt very scared. One girl with her mother came in and cried halfway through. We felt so sorry for her!

I really had a great time at Seiritsu festival! It was the best of memories!

October 3, 2018

Scarlett's first Seiritsusai

WOW! I have never seen anything like it.

My first bunkasai was an incredible experience.
It was amazing to see all the hard work put in by both the students and the teachers and to see how talented everybody is!

My favorite parts were the housework festival, the singing and dancing, seeing the amazing artwork created by students and I also loved the PIZZA (Haizeriya, what a genius name 2H!).

It was also really cool to meet some parents and speak to graduate students who showed great interest in the new SGC room. The tea served by me, Teresa, JC and ECC members went down a treat, I was happy that the tea from my hometown "Yorkshire Tea" was most popular.

Well done for all your hard work on making it such an enjoyable weekend!








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