October 27, 2018

Rebecca's trip to Diet, Tokyo Tower and Zojoji

The weather was turning into fall but it was sunny! It was really a perfect day for the excursion!! We had so many students this time! I made many new friends!

First we went to the Diet Building (seat of the government of Japan). It was such a huge building! There were many huge doors for every political party, a long walkway and a huge main hall! There were many journalists waiting in front of the door. It was really like the situation which we can see on the news. Then we finally went into the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It was so huge and so quiet! So amazing!

20181015 Rebecca Diet excursion blog 3.jpg

Next we went to Zojoji. It was a very important temple for Tokugawa shogun family. We were in different groups and learned a lot! We also went around the temple! It was so big inside! Finally we had picked omikuji (luck predictions). I got kichi! Good luck!

Lastly, we went to Tokyo Tower! A previous time I went to Tokyo tower at night and it was really beautiful. This time I can enjoy the view in the afternoon. We took the elevator to the main deck. The view was so good! I went into the souvenir store and bought a little toy Tokyo tower and four post cards. I wanted to write to my friends and family members. I hope they can receive them soon!

20181015 Rebecca Diet excursion blog 1.jpg

I really had a good time on this excursion!



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