November 12, 2018

Teresa's November blog

Self-care Teresa" is back to welcome you to "Taking Care of Yourself 101."

You know it's time to winterize your home when the wind nips your skin.

Let's start off with your home's doors. If you place your hand between the cracks, do you feel a breeze? That's how it feels to have your heating bill skyrocket. Let's keep the cash in the bank by sealing the cracks with weather strips (室内引き戸すきまテープ)!

20181112 Teresa Nov blog 1.jpg

Now that the door is cozier, the window is the reasonable next step. Touch the panels. Does it feel cold like you're Anna in the movie "Frozen?" That means you need some bubble wrap or even trash bags. Grab some tape and stick a layer of bubble wrap or trash bags on the window panels to insulate your home.

20181112 Teresa Nov blog 2.jpg

Besides home insulation, let's focus on your body. At home, be sure to wear slippers or wear fuzzy socks! Those socks are good to keep you warm and to give as presents if you're in a pinch this Christmas. We've all been there before.

20181112 Teresa Nov blog 3.jpg

Here's a notice that should be shouted each single day: wash your hands! Went to the loo? Wash your hands. Sneezed? Wash your hands. Going to cook/eat? Wash them, for goodness sake. All you need is water, soap, and a only 20 seconds. You read that correctly. It's only 20 seconds to prevent a possible week of influenza, headaches, and coughing.

Without further ado, winterize your home and protect yourself!



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