November 1, 2018

William's trip to Tokyo Tower, Zojoji and Diet

In this excursion, we went to the National diet of Japan, Zojō Temple and Tokyo Tower. It was a great trip.

I like the architectural style of the National Diet, which is not similar with the traditional Japanese style; it's more like a western style.

20181101 William excursion blog.jpg

When we entered the National Diet, I saw a lot of primary school students visiting there too, which showed the good education system of Japan.

Zojo Temple was a very traditional Japanese structure. There were a lot of small Bodhisattvas in the Temple, which were pretty cute but it was a little stinky around them.

Tokyo Tower: still beautiful, still gorgeous, and still standing in Minato-Ku with greatness. The Halloween decorations created a different style on the second top room of Tokyo Tower, which gave it a festive atmosphere. I ate a vanilla ice cream under the giant of Tokyo. It was very delicious.

Nice trip, no?



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