December 14, 2018

Amy's excursion to Odaiba!

In December, all the international students went on an excursion to Odaiba. I had a great time and the built environment there reminded me a lot of Sydney Olympic Park in Australia. The Yurikamome monorail (which was actually like a bus) was really convenient, although it was a bit expensive. The scenery you could see from the windows was really nice. It was interesting to go the Disaster prevention area as we could see what the aftermath of a real earthquake could look like. The place was so well designed it looked real!

20181215 Amy excursion blog 6.jpg

20181215 Amy excursion blog 4.jpg

Also the Miraikan was really cool. There were a lot of robots and things like that and it really made me consider the future of our society. I especially liked the planetarium movie as the displays were so beautiful (even though it made me really tired) and it made me feel like I was really in space.

20181215 Amy excursion blog 5.jpg
After the excursion was over, Sophia, Rebecca and I rode the Odaiba Ferris wheel which used to be one of the tallest in the world! (like a long time ago). Thanks to Brent, JC and Scarlet for taking us and organising the excursion, I had a super fun time :))

20181215 Amy excursion blog 7.jpg

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