December 15, 2018

Gaossou's last blog of 2018!

In this last term, many cool things happened.

-First I met a new freshmen from Washington state in the US. His name is Gage. He's a good guy and funny. Here is his picture (he was cold).

20181220 Gaoussou excursion blog 1.jpg
Secondly, we went to ODAIBA to finalize this term with an excursion. ODAIBA is known for its amazing and futuristic buildings and design. We visited ODAIBA's famous areas like (Sicience Museum,Rainbow Bridge ...) I spent some good times with the other international students.

20181220 Gaoussou excursion blog 2.jpg
I personally learned a lot that day from our great guides (Brent, JC, and Scarlett).
My favorite moment was taking a break at the brand news spots and eat some spicy Indian food. I really enjoyed it!



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