December 18, 2018

Rebecca's excursion across the bay

Last week we went on an excursion to Odaiba. This time it as only the international students.

First we went to the Disaster Prevention Park. We learnt how to escape and keep alive in an earthquake. The park was built like the streets after sn earthquake. Through interactive quizzes, we learned about the danger and how to survive it.

Then in the afternoon, we went to the Miraikan. We watched a 3D movie about space. It was so dark and so silent that almost everyone feell asleep except Amy and Gage. But it was really good and relaxing.

20181220 Rebecca excursion blog 3.jpg
20181220 Rebecca excursion blog 2.jpg
20181220 Rebecca excursion blog 3.jpg

At last Amy and Sophia and I went to ride the big ferris wheel. The scenery was very good, you can see the wonderful night view and also the sea.
It was really a wonderful day!

20181220 Rebecca excursion blog 5.jpg



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