December 16, 2018

William in Odaiba

We went to the Odaiba in this excursion time.
It was really cold to be in the area near the sea during winter, but I still had a good time there.
The first stop was the Disaster Preparedness center, I studied how to live when great earthquake coming, but I may only lived for 40 hours according to the test result, lol.
Then we went to the science museum, it gave me a new vision of Japanese technology, and the giant ball movie theater in the museum was just too comfortable.
I love the city view on the automatic electronic train in Odaiba, I just stood in the forefront of the train, when I watched the Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba sky wheel and the Tokyo Bay, that made me feel swag.
Such a nice trip. I love Seiritsu.

20181216 William excursion 1.jpg



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