January 30, 2019

Thank you, Jiei!

Today was Jiei's last day at Seiritsu. It has been a pleasure to have him join us here for the last three weeks. He has done a wonderful job acclimating; studying in the regular classes and also training out on the pitch with the soccer team.

We do not normally take in athlete students for the short term, as it takes a lot to be able to take care of them. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to help new students. Planning attendance at games and the transportation and working together on the athletic drills, it is amazing how much work is needed for visiting athletes to take part.

Luckily, in this case, Jiei was able to speak the language and he is quite familiar with local customs, so was able to fit in quickly and smoothly. The students and teachers all loved having him.

Good luck with all your endeavors, Jiei.

20190130 Jiei class.jpg

January 21, 2019

Good luck!!

Tomorrow we will have the first of many entrance exams for getting into Seiritsu Gakuen. The tests tomorrow are for getting into the high school. There are different programs and courses so there are several days of tests for the candidates.

We wish the best for all of the test takers. Unfortunately, not everyone can get in...

Do your best! We hope to see you in April!!

20190121 tomorrow.jpg

January 16, 2019

Sophia's trip to the hospital

Today, I missed a day of school to go to the doctors. I was not feeling well and the influenza was popular and my grandmother was worried I had it. Thankfully, I didn't have a fever or a cold, and was just a small stomach virus. After doing some blood tests they put an IV on me while I rested for a little while. The doctors were really friendly and took every good care of me. They gave me a blanket and checked in on me every few minutes to make sure I was okay. Thankfully, I got well quickly and was able to attend school the next day. I was supposed to be asleep and not on my phone but I was able to sneak my phone out and take some pictures of my experience.

20190116 Sophia blog6.jpg

20190116 Sophia blog5.jpg

January 16, 2019

Todd meets his soccer predecessors!

In December all the soccer teams went on camp to Kashima for a tournament, which was a really cool experience for me and gave me the chance to bond with my team/school mates more over Christmas.

I went home to Australia for New Years and for injury recovery, for around 3 and a half weeks. During my time home I had a chance to meet two professional soccer players who used to be in the soccer program at Seiritsu; Jason Davidson and Connor O'Toole. It was so cool to meet them!

20190125 Todd holiday blog2.jpg

20190125 Todd holiday blog1.jpg

It was very nice being back home but the temperature was way too hot. It got up to 46°C one day.

I also had a few training sessions while I was back, which where amazing as I was able to play properly again. I am really looking forward to getting back on the pitch and playing at Seiritsu!

January 15, 2019

Scarlett's fun January

After a trip to sunny Thailand over the New Year it is proving hard to stay happy during the Japanese winter. To cheer myself up I visited Tokyo Disney Sea!

It is great to live in a city where such an amazing place is accessible to me in only one hour. I decided to go on my day off (when entrance exams took place), I thought that this would mean it wouldn't be busy but it was. I ended up waiting 2 hours for one ride!

I cannot complain because Disney Sea is such a happy place and it was wonderful to be around people of all ages who are finding their inner child and enjoying themselves. I even saw some Seiritsu students there.

So my advice for dealing with the cold would be TREAT YOURSELF. Go to Disney, meet up with old friends, eat some cake and drink some tapioca.

(Pictures include my Toy Story themed mochi and my gondola trip)

20190213 Scarlett January blog1.jpg

20190213 Scarlett January blog2.jpg

January 13, 2019

Rebecca's winter vacation blog

This winter,I went to the fantastic exhibition--team lab. I went to both exhibitions called Borderless and Planet! The most popular one isBborderless. It told us to "Immerse your body in Borderless art and wander, explore with intention. Discover, and create a new world with others". I liked the planet better. To our surprise, we were asked to take off our shoes when we entered. Then we walked in water. The scene was so beautiful! The power of technology and humanity!!!!!

20190130 Rebecca hoiday blog4.jpg

20190130 Rebecca hoiday blog3.jpg

20190130 Rebecca hoiday blog2.jpg

20190130 Rebecca hoiday blog1.jpg

And I went back to Shanghai again for my vacation!On Dec 31st,the last day of the year,I ate the all you can eat sukiyaki hotpot for lunch,with my junior high school friends. In the evening,I had to eat hot pot again ,but it was very special,it was kaiten hot pot!My friend and I ate 50 dishes! We all loved it so much!

20190130 Rebecca hoiday blog7.jpg

20190130 Rebecca hoiday blog5.jpg

January 13, 2019

Sophia's New Year fun

Today, me and my friends held a 新年会 (Shin-nen-kai, a get together to was to welcome the new year). It was Saturday after school, but since I didn't have to go I to school that day I wasn't wearing my uniform. We tried to make chocolate fondant but failed. It ended up being more like guacamole. It still tasted good I guess. Everyone brought a little something and it was fun shopping for the ingredients and marking the food. We sat in the Kotatsu and talked and ate a lot of snacks while watching TV. We had a lot of fun laughing and catching up on things we did during winter break. I enjoyed hanging out with them and I look forward to hanging out with them again.

20190116 Sophia blog4.jpg

20190116 Sophia blog3.jpg

20190116 Sophia blog2.jpg

20190116 Sophia blog1.jpg

January 13, 2019

Teresa's January project

You know the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." It definitely is harder to get that dog to do what you want, but it's not impossible.

That's why I started putting time into something I've always wanted to do: graphic design. This old dog is going to learn some new skills! Small disclaimer: I'm not old nor am I a dog. I'm only 25, but compared to all those youths whose fingers are attached to Apple pencils, I sure am.

I spent a weekend in January hitting as many tutorials as I could before my headache became a thing of its own. That means I only did three tutorials. I thank the YouTubers who take the time to go step-by-step for beginners like me. Just following them makes my head twirl! They have to make a design, film an instructional video, and then edit that video to ensure the quality is easy to watch; seems like it's full of difficult tasks!

Check out my first flat art design:
20190113 teresa jan blog1.jpg

I am so proud of my little potted plants. From left to right, its names are Swirl, Brunch, and Dot. They're officially part of my family.

Even though the holiday season has passed, my heart still yearns for the shiny bulbs to "merry" the atmosphere away. That's why I created this beauty. Now, ask me to recreate this without the tutorial, and you'll get maybe only the blue background!

20190113 Teresa jan blog2.jpg

My last masterpiece is this elk. This majestic being was traced by my hand and I can tell you that the pen tool is probably the most fantastic yet difficult tool on Illustrator. Disclaimer: It is probably not the most difficult tool.

20190113 Teresa jan blog3.jpg

I can't wait for the day I can create these artworks without needing to repeat a YouTube video over five times for one step. 

January 11, 2019

Gaoussou's winter holiday

During the winter break we kept practicing and we changed our training schedule a little bit to be ready for the basketball tournament of the new year called: (新人戦). We're working hard and we're so excited to start it. Please encourage us!

20190116 GC blog1.jpg

January 10, 2019

Gage's trip over New Year holiday

This past winter break I went on a trip to Hakone, a great place south of Tokyo with many beautiful and scenic views. There is a huge lake there with an amazing ship at the harbor. I had a great time there. I saw Mt. Fuji and enjoyed a magnificent view of not only the mountain but also the town below. Afterwards, I went to a noodle shop and enjoyed soba and tea near the lake. Overall it was a great trip and I enjoyed it very much.

20190116 Gage blog4.jpg

20190116 Gage blog3.jpg

20190116 Gage blog2.jpg

January 10, 2019

William's holiday

In this winter holiday, I went back to my home city of Shanghai to meet my friends and family. I was very glad to see my mom and dad. It had been 4 months that I didn't meet them. There's nothing more important than my parents' healthy life style and optimistic spirit.

Not only do my parents live happily, but my homies also do lots of good work on their academics and life. My friend Rain has just got an offer to go to New York University, and another friend Jeff just got an offer from University College London. These are the universities ranking in 30th in the world. I'm really proud that I have so many strong friends. On the other hand, I won't fall back behind them, I'm working hard this year in order to gain my dream university's offer.

I think I should do some sports and diet for a while now, because I ate too much Chinese cuisine and gained a lot of fat during my winter holiday, lol.

Lastly, I will share some pictures of the Chinese food I had in China.

20180129 William holiday blog 2.jpg

20180129 William holiday blog 1.jpg

January 10, 2019

Welcome Jiei!

Hi my name is Jiei. I am from Melbourne Australia, however I was born in Japan in Fukushima. I have decided to go to Seiritsu for a few weeks because of my passion and love for the sport of soccer. I am excited to make new friends, refresh my memory on customs, culture and language, and I am excited for the new memories I will make and eager for the new experiences

.20190110 Jiei.jpg



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