April 15, 2019

Teresa's trip to Fukui

Tokyoites, are you tired of the city? Do you want to escape the concrete jungle and remind yourself that air should smell like sweet honey glazed over some fresh donuts?

Be like me and get away to Fukui, a prefecture I'm sure a god must've blessed personally. I have an inkling it's the paper goddess who resides in a nearby shrine.

20190410 Teresa blog a.jpg

The above is a traditional paper-making shop, and one of the many mikoshi the paper goddess has dedicated to her.

Now, what exactly can we do there? Is it actually that great?

The answer is: YES. For the adventurous ones, you can go scuba diving, zip lining, and skiing. Of course, all around you are onsens you can dip into after the workout. For the artistic ones, make your own Japanese washi postcards with dried flowers the locals picked themselves the year before.

20190410 Teresa blog glass.jpg

You can also make a knife in Fukui's own knife village that many chiefs travel all the way to for. For the foodies, of course there are unforgettable dishes there. They have a special bowl of soba that's more al dente than other regions. I had that and then topped it off with soba ice cream! It was surprisingly delicious.

20190410 Teresa blog 3.jpg

You can spend a weekend there or an entire week, but I know you'll come back with a refreshed soul and mind.

20190410 Teresa blog 8.jpg



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