June 3, 2019

Teresa survives another Sports Festival!

May Flew By

Last week, it was my 4th time participating in Seiritsu's sport festival. I repeat: 4th time. It's mind-blogging how long I've been here already.

This is how happy I was before the festival began that day!

20190624 Teresa happy blog.jpg

One of my favorite things about the festival is looking at the hand-made flags classes make to represent themselves. Here are some of my favorites:
20190624 Teresa flag blog.jpg

I want to shout to everyone passing by that these are my talented students' works!

20190624 Teresa RED flag blog.jpg

One regret I had was not having enough time to play in the new bubble balls my school bought for the festival. Here are the pictures of them being used:

20190624 bubble kids Teresa blog.jpg

I was in that bubble ball for under 10 seconds; I wish I had more time to run around like the students in the picture above.

20190624 in bubble Teresa blog.jpg

I can't wait for the next school festival! Cheers!



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