June 9, 2019

Vicky is enjoying term 2

On June 5th, we had 鷲宮祭 (Washinomiya sai) which is a Japanese sports day. It was my first time so at first, I was confused on what to do. We had 2 days to practice for sports day but we never worked on the 4x100 relays for club, and I was chosen for that. I was super nervous for it since the other runners were 2nd and 3rd year students, but my friends and team mates were cheering for me from the sideline and I could run without being nervous. With my classmates, we had 3種リレー. I did 台風の目 and 大玉ころがし. It was super fun and a fun experiment. I learned that working as a team will help a lot, I was happy that we got 1st place. Over all it was really hot outside but fun and was one of the best day this school year. It was memorable and I'm excited for next year.

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