September 24, 2019

Annual visit from Fairhills High School

Every year we have the great pleasure of hosting students from Fairhills High School.
The teacher that brings them out every year is the same. She is very bright and friendly and always brings wonderful students with her. This year was no exception. Thanks, Jessica!

The students joined our Naishin (内進) class and they were able to get many of them to talk a lot in English. Our students could repay some of the kindness that they had encountered in Australia last March.

20190920 Fairhills 1.JPG

The visiting students were given the chance to enjoy the tea ceremony with the tea ceremony club and Nakamura Sensei.

20190920 Fairhills 2.JPG

It is thanks to all the wonderful teachers that we have here at Seiritsu (and the visiting teachers, too!) that visiting students (and our own students) are able to enjoy so many fantastic experiences. Thank you everyone!



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