September 5, 2019

Fall excursion 2019

Today we took our new students on an excursion. We were able to bring some of our other students with us as well. (But a few of them have tests later this afternoon, so you can see one of them studying his vocabulary in the picture!)

In the morning, we visited the Science museum located in Ueno Park. We were able to show them a few sites along the way (Ueno Toshogu, Ueno zoo, National Museum etc) but we did not have time to go into any details. We hope they come back in the weekends to do more exploration on their own.

After lunch some of the students headed back to school for tests and club practice. A few others came with us to the Safety center in Kinshicho. There are several centers around Tokyo. We usually visit the one in Ikebukuro.
(Here is a link to a past visit:)

This center has a few more experiences than the other locations. It was really neat. A few of the students might write about their experiences in their blogs in the coming weeks. We will let them tell you more. But we highly recommend taking some time to experience these activities. They are enjoyable and could prove useful in the future.

20190906 excursion1.jpg



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