September 10, 2019

Scarlett tackles Mt. Fuji!

Over summer I decided to do something which has been at the top of my Japan bucket list. I decided to climb Mount Fuji.

Back in the UK, I love to climb mountains and go on walks but I never climbed anything as high and beautiful as Fuji-San. Many people told me I should be worried and that the climb was very difficult, so I was very nervous.

Luckily the climb wasn't as bad as I expected, coming back down was the main struggle. But after seeing the stunning sunrise and experiencing a snow blizzard at the top my spirits remained high and I felt a real sense of accomplishment.

This will forever be one of my favourite memories.
Do you have any favorite memories?

20190910 Scarlett summer blog 2.jpg

20190910 Scarlett summer blog 3.jpg

20190910 scarlett summer blog.jpg



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