September 10, 2019

Vicky's summer activities in Japan and the US

This year was the shortest summer vacation I've ever experienced. This summer I was very busy with school and soccer. We had a month off from school. I went to 2 soccer training camps in July and August. It was really hot and we practiced 4-6 hours a day for a week. Tough practices but super fun to spend more time with my teammates. I learned new things and made a lot of memories. the day after the training camp in August, we had a day off and I went to Odaiba TeamLab with my family. I have always wanted to go there so I was really excited and happy. It's always nice to have day off to spend time with families.

20190926 Vicky 1.jpg

I went back to the US with my family for 2 weeks. I got to see my old soccer team and my friends. Since it was also their summer vacation, we got to hangout a lot and catch up on things while the time we didn't see eachother. I missed all my friends, the weather, the environment, food, and everything back in Cali. My brother is going stay in the US because he is going to college there from this September, so I hope I get to go back and see them soon again.

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