February 4, 2016

Mel goes on the Seiritsu Ski trip!

Hello! Mel here!

On January 31st us 1st years at Seiritsu all went on a trip to Nagano prefecture to go skiing!


First we all met near school where our buses came to pick us up! As so many students went on the trip so there were 9 buses in total! The bus journey was about 5 and a half hours which suprised me because Nagano prefecture looks so close to Tokyo on the map!



When we arrived we ate curry rice and got all are ski gear ready! My ski group was really nice because I was in the intermediate course and so the skiing was not too hard or too easy and quite relaxing! I was also in the same group as some girls from my class so we all got along really well! Our ski instructor also let us have a snowball fight by the side of the ski slope and so much snow went inside my ski boots and scarf so I think that's probably how I caught my cold..


Overall the ski trip was so much fun and I wish it had been longer than 3 days! It really amazed me how different the scenery was compared to Tokyo and it was nice to escape the big neon buildings for a while and look at the snowy forests!


January 20, 2016

Emilie's Winter Blog post

To start off with my winter break I got really sick, but other then that my
winter break was very fun. I went to Roppongi with my friend on Christmas. I've
really wanted to go for a long time so I'm really glad that I went.

I also went to Shinokubo. It's basically like Korean town. Me and my friend
wanted to go to Shinokubo for a while now so we went. Shinokubo had lots of
K-PPP stops, as well as Korean beauty stores and restaurant.

Also I went to an onsen with two of my friends, Mel and Meg. It was long
drive. It took us about 2 to half an hour to get to the place. It's called
Hakone, Hakone is known for onsen and hamaboko.
There was a lot of types of onsen the one we went was only us by the forest.
It was very refreshing and relaxing.
These are the pictures.

We only stayed there for a little bit because the next day school starts...
But other then the tree days I just stayed at home in my bed!!! Lol!

January 19, 2016

Meg's winter holiday post!

Meg here!

On my winter holiday I did a lot of stuff such as Skating, sleepovers and Onsen (hot spa) in Hakone .

I went skating with 4 girls from my class.
The skate rink that we went to was at takadanobaba station. We first went to a buffet and after that we went skating for 3 hours .

On January 6th I went to an Onsen in Hakone with Emilie and Melissa . On our there we stopped at a couple of resting areas and ate sushi and soba .It was so good!


During the holiday I went shopping as well. I went to a big mall which is in Nishiarai (a hub town on the outskirts of the greater Tokyo area) and bought a lot of stuff with my friends.

For New Year I went to Hatsumode. A lot of people where there and it was really crowded. I had to line up for 3 hours outside to reach the place where you pray. I wished for my family to be healthy forever.


I bought 2 omamors (protective charms); one keeps me safe from any danger and the other one helps me with stuff at school.

January 19, 2016

Mel's Winter Holiday Post

Hello, Mel here!

My christmas holidays were quite long this year (I had about 3 weeks off!) so I had plenty of time to get lots of sight seeing and shopping done!


Firstly I went on an adventure by myself to Kameido Tenjin shrine to pray for good luck on my University results. It was a really nice experience as the shrine was about 20 minutes from any nearby station so I had to rely on my google maps and got to see lots of backstreets with Japanese style houses. Furthermore, the area was also pretty close to Sky tree and so i took some nice nighttime pictures with it all lit up!


By the time I got to the shrine it was already dark so I couldn't really see the turtles in the pond, but the way the shrine was lit up with orange lanterns reminded me of the Ghibli movie Spirited Away. I wrote my wish on an enma (a small wooden plaque) and tied it up with everyone else's wishes!



I also went to watch the New Year's Disneyland fireworks at midnight, which were amazing! The fireworks were shaped like all the Disney characters!!

Finally, I went with Meg and Emilie to an Onsen in Hakone where we were suprised by a monkey that appeared out of nowhere whilst we were using the foot bath!


My christmas holidays in Japan were so much fun and I created lots of new memories!

January 13, 2016

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Heisei 28- the year of the monkey, everyone!


Everyday life has returned to Seiritsu, with everyone refreshed after the winter break. As New Year is a very important time in Japanese culture, there were many stories of traveling to grandparents' houses far and wide, hatsumode (the first temple visit of the year), toshidama (money given to young people at new year by their relatives), and lots of seasonal food!

Of course, the third year high school students may not have had such a relaxing time, as university entrance exams are fast approaching, but we are hopeful that this year's results will be even better than last year's great efforts!

Important times are coming for other students too. The first year high school students must choose which path between maths and sciences, or literature and humanities, they will take for the rest of their time at Seiritsu. The second years must also decide which universities they want to try to enter, and do well in the end of year test in order to be allowed into the appropriate level class. In junior high, the third years are preparing to make the transition to high school. Good luck Everyone, we are behind you all the way!

Trials aside, 2016 is promising to be an exciting year, with many school trips, visit schools and international students to look forward to. We have some great plans for Seiritsu International Department, and can't wait to get everything started!

We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2016.

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

December 22, 2015

An International Christmas Party..

Seiritsu's International Department, ALT's and international students together put on a great Christmas party for the first year Junior High group on Friday December 11!


First, we did a presentation on what Christmas is, and how it is celebrated in different countries around the world: England, English and French speaking Canada, America, and Australia! The international students did a great job of helping too!


After the presentation we sang Christmas songs and played fun Christmas games that tested the kids' communication skills and Christmas knowledge. It was a great time and everyone had a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to telling the junior high students about more cultural events!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

December 19, 2015

Soccer Star comes back to Seiritsu - Hi again Michael!

Life as a professional footballer is busy and hard work, so it was a rare but very pleasant surprise when Seiritsu Old Boy and Albirex Niigata star Michael Fitzgerald paid us a quick visit.


It has been 10 years since Michael first came to Seiritsu as an international student following credit course programme; the full three year course which meant he graduated at a Japanese high school. He immediately found a place at Albirex after graduation, and has been a first team regular ever since 2013.

Life for Michael is about to get even busier as he is going to become a dad too. Massive congratulations!

As Michael grew up in New Zealand, recent returnees Michiru and Kouki also had a great opportunity to talk with Michael about their New Zealand experiences.


Good luck for everything in the future Michael, and hope to see you again soon. We're always cheering for you!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

December 17, 2015

Melissa's Museum expedition post

Melissa here!

On Wednesday December 9th the International department went on a trip to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno.


As I am studying Japanese History and Geography the trip related nicely to those two subjects with sections of the museum regarding the history of the Japanese people and sections on earthquakes.


The trip had a really nice atmosphere with 4 teachers and 6 students so there were lots of new friendships and memories formed!


My favourite part of the trip was the show we went to see. Inside the museum there was a giant globe which you could go inside. Inside there was a thin floating platform in the middle of the globe which the people watching the show would stand on. A video was then projected on the walls of the dome making you feel like you were really a part of the movie. The first part of the movie was about dinosaurs and was really realistic so you can imagine that it was pretty scary!


After that we also had a talk about earthquakes and watched a screen showing where earthquakes were occurring at that moment it Japan. A few of us stayed even longer at the museum in order to see the dome projection show again because it was so good!


Then we took purikura and I did some Christmas shopping! Even though it was in the middle of test week it was a really fun trip and I am definitely going to visit some more museums in Tokyo now (especially as most of them are free if you are a high school student!)

December 17, 2015

Laurence's christmas blog post

Laurence here!

One cannot think about December without thinking about the holidays. I have to admit I feel a bit ambivalent about Christmas this year because while I’m enjoying my Japan experience, this is also going to be the first Christmas I spend away from home. It’s also the first Christmas I’ll experience without any snow. While I still don’t know what I’m going to do on that day, I still want to celebrate this time in my own way, through imagery, music and conveying my feelings of love to my friends and family from far away. My family has also been sending me gifts, although my mom could not until Christmas for me to open them. The box I received also doubles as my first care package!


I am sending my family packages full of Japanese things for them to enjoy. I’ve also been hard at work writing Christmas cards. I don’t know if they’ll receive them in time but I can at least try!



They also sent me warm clothes to help me deal with the Japanese cold. Even though it is very cold in Canada, the walls of the houses are thicker and most people also have central heating instead of heaters and airconditioning, so the ways to handle the colder months are different.

Fortunately, some things are still like back home!


Indeed, celebrating Christmas has become more popular in Japan in recent years and Christmas sales, events, decorations and illuminations can be found throughout the city. It’s not snow, but it definitely makes me feel better. I especially like the Ebisu Christmas market. It’s small but very pretty and the lights at night are a beautiful sight (though hard to take a picture of with a phone camera).

This year has been very special for me. I graduated from college, got a new job and moved to another country. It has been difficult and stressful but also an exceptional learning opportunity and I have no doubts that I am a much better and experienced person now than I was a few months ago. I will still work hard to improve myself and become a better teacher!

See you next year!


December 10, 2015

Welcome Back, Michiru and Kouki!

At Seiritsu we always encourage our students to engage more with the international community. This is the whole purpose of the International Department! However, whereas most students will willingly interact with international students who visit the school, two students have just returned from an 11-month study abroad programme in New Zealand.


Kouki and Michiru left Japan last January to experience life at Nelson's College for Boys/Girls (two single sex colleges), which is in the town of Nelson on the northern tip of New Zealand's south island. They've had a lot of experiences and their English has improved incredibly! We are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures.

For anyone, studying abroad is the best way of learning the native language, as well as fun cultural discoveries and new friendships. We are also now accepting applications for our study abroad programmes for 2016! Interested? Click here to apply!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator



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