May 21, 2019

Farewell Fa!

Thank you for everything, I had such a great time here. I hope I can come here again if I have a chance. My Japanese improved so much because of my classmates, I will miss them so badly after I leave. Moreover, I learned and did many new things that I have never done before in Japan. BYE BYE~

20190521 Fa farewell.jpg

May 20, 2019

Vicky's impression of Term 1

My first impression about this school was good. At first, I was super nervous and scared because I didn't know anyone or how to communicate in Japanese, but everyone in my class was being super kind and friendly which helped me adjust more quickly.
The classes are hard to understand but people around me always come up and help which is super nice. Especially international class is super helpful for me. I get to talk to people in English which is really nice and relaxing. Also I get extra help in English so that I can understand.
From this first month at Seiritsu, I have learned that we have to use 敬語 (keigo) to older people and greet to the teachers in term of respect. School is stressful at the moment, but I hope I can adjust fully and learn new things.

20190517 Vicky term 1 blog 3.jpg

We have soccer practices 6 times a week for about 3 hours. The playing style is a lot different from America so I need to get used to their playing style so I have some things to work on with team but still keep my strength with how I play and not change my playing style too much.

20190517 Vicky term 1 blog 2.jpg

May 20, 2019

Todd's Term 1

Hi everyone. This term has been fairly good for me. I've started training and playing regularly with my soccer club, and I'm getting fitter each day. I am really looking forward to the upcoming months to improve my stamina and skills.

20190520 Todd term blog.jpg

May 10, 2019

Bonjour Salomon!

Bonjour j m appelle Salomon kone j viens du Mali j suis basketteur et nouveau élèves avec le seireitz j jouais aux hirondelle basket boll club au Mali a Bamako étudie au lycée birgo a kalaban coura aci.

20190510 Solomon intro blog smile.jpg

April 30, 2019

Special Golden Week

Because of the Imperial succession (the change in Emperor), we will have an extra long Golden Week holiday this year. If you are not sure what Golden Week is, take a quick journey to "Google land" and learn about this annual break. But this year is a little longer than normal to help welcome the change from the Heisei era to the Reiwa era.

Our students and teachers will get some extra time to enjoy life here in this exciting country. See you in May!!

April 27, 2019

Homestay Explanation meeting

The new year has started and therefore so do all of the different programs.

Today is the first explanation meeting for the homestay program. For anyone interested in the program and considering joining it, they can come hear the talk today. There will be at least one more session. It is usually held sometime in May or June. This year the second session will be held on June 8th.

20190427 homestay.jpg

For most explanation meetings, we give the outline of the program and we show a short video taken from actual experiences. We also ask some students to talk about their experience.

There are videos on our main Japanese website taken from the actual trips. These videos are longer and show a lot more of what happens. But they do not have any footage from when the kids are with the families and/or on their own - away from the teachers. This is one reason why we get the students to come speak.

(It's the same for the international program for our visiting students. The pictures and videos only show a tiny little bit of what they experience.)

These exchanges are so valuable. They are unique experiences and can truly be life changing. It's so much fun being involved with these programs.

April 26, 2019

German group visit - the first of many!

This was our first group visit of the school year. We expect several more throughout the year.

Yesterday we had a group from Germany visit our school. It was their first time to visit our school. They really seem to enjoy taking part in the club activity. Our club members and teachers were very happy to have them as well.

20190425 German group.jpg

Doing this is a win-win situation for all of us. As a school and as a department, we always hope to continue the relationships with these schools in the future. And we hope that the students also find a way to make and continue the relationships with the visiting kids.

Keep in touch!!

April 25, 2019

Say hello to Fa!

Hi, my name is Fah. I come from Thailand. I came to Japan a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy Seiritsu high school. Everyone is kind and friendly to me, especially my classmates, they are really nice. Now, I've been here only 2 days but they ask me to hangout together after school and make some plans for Golden Week already! Yay! In addition, we just hung out together yesterday. We went to take a photo (Purikura) and eat some donuts at Mister Donut. We spent some precious time together. We talked a lot. Hence, I hope I can come back here again.

20190425 intira blog pic.jpg

April 23, 2019

Gage's trip to Ueno

For my spring holiday, I went to Ueno in central Tokyo. It had many parks and sakura (cherry blossoms) to see there. I had lot of fun playing games with my friends and walking around Ueno and other parts of Tokyo. Overall it was a great time and a good experience.

20190423 Gage term blog 2.jpg

20190423 Gage spring holiday blog 1.jpg

April 22, 2019

Hello White!

Hi, My name is White. I come from Thailand. I will stay in Japan for 1 month and enjoy it ! I live in Sriracha Chonburi . Why I want to come to Japan ? Because Japan is very nice ! ! People is so kind and very cute. Food is very delicious but Thai food is very delicious too ! And now I study short term at Seiritsu High School. Student at Seiritz is very kind and friendly. This school is nice than my school in Thailand



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