January 29, 2015

Good luck to all entrance exam takers!

It is at this time in the Japanese school year that students wishing to enter their desired junior high school, senior high school or university sit their entrance exams. It is a time of extreme stress and worry for the kids, parents and teachers too, but hopefully all their hard work is rewarded with a pass into their chosen place of study.


Seiritsu too is holding their entrance exams for both Junior and Senior High school. Good luck to all the entrants!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

January 28, 2015

Jason Davidson puts Australia into the Asia Cup Finals!

Seiritsu Old Boy Jason Davidson's fired his first goal for Australia and has put the Socceroos into the AFC Asian Cup final against South Korea after defeating the United Arab Emirates 2-0.

His match-winning strike against the UAE, who had themselves eliminated Japan via penalties in the quarter finals, confirmed that Australia will be in their second consecutive finals (having lost to Japan in 2011's finals) at Stadium Australia on January 31.

Jason's goal can be seen in the highlights here:

*may not be playable in some countries

Listen to Jason's post match interview:

*may not be playable in some countries

Well done Jason- We're all cheering for you in the final!

Pete Williams
International Department Coordinator

January 14, 2015

Jason Davidson, a Seiritsu OB, is going strong!

We are very happy to see one of our very own, Jason Davidson, playing in the Asian Cup.


So far, Australia has won its first two games (4-1 and 4-0). The Australian team has home advantage and some are expecting them to make it to the finals.


It would be really nice to see Japan and Australia play against each other for the final match.

If you want to read a little more, here are a few links:





January 9, 2015

Welcome to Seiritsu, Marina!

Hi my name is Marina. I am a foreign student from Canada. I will be studying at Seiritsu Gakuen for a year or two. My main purposes for coming to Japan are to experience the Japanese life style, improve my Japanese skill and possibly enter university in Japan. I'm looking forward to my studying at Seiritsu and life in Japan.


January 8, 2015

Happy New Year from Yuki

Hi, it's Yuki here with my New Year blog!

Throughout Christmas and New Year’s, I was lucky enough to get a two week break to go see relatives, and explore Japan outside of Tokyo.

My first stop was Nara where I met up with my family from Australia and relatives who I haven’t seen for a year. It was a relaxing time for me as I was reunited with my family and was able to fully recover from the busy schedule I had in Tokyo.


Soon after, we headed out to Hiroshima for a family holiday. We visited historic sites such as the Hiroshima Atomic Dome and the museum connected, which were both confronting but a very significant and important part of Japans history. We also visited one of Japans most beautiful shrine, Miyajima, famous for its floating Torii gates in the ocean.


After the trip I had a fairly packed holiday, going site seeing in Osaka and Kyoto and visiting friends nearby. I also celebrated New Years in Japan. Here, they have a custom of eating soba at night on New Year’s Eve. It’s called Toshikoshi soba and is eaten to have a long and healthy life.

I’m now back into the usual routine and making the most of my last 3 weeks here!

January 6, 2015

Connor's December and New Year's web post

Hi Guys,

The last month of 2014 was one of the most enjoyable and busy of the year!
The first main event of December were the Exams, similar to last examination period I sat a few of the all Japanese tests which included Kokugo (Japan’s version of our english studies), Political Studies and Health. Unlike last time I was able to read and answer a lot more questions, which was encouraging!

Also, during the examination period the International students were able to use a day to go and explore the area of Nikko (which coincides with our next history study area). We got there quite early in the morning and the weather was really nice; although the temperature rarely went above 3 degrees, it was sunny and still. The excursion was really enjoyable, and Nikko and its environment was really beautiful. I was able to snap a few nice photos.




After the test period had concluded we had a slow week of school after that and then it was holidays. Like every year, the football club were off to Hasaki, on Christmas day, for a number of tournaments over the next 5 days. The ‘A Team’, which I was in, competed in the Ocean Cup and our group stage games were a success as we won all three and finished with a healthy 14+ goal difference.

Next came the knockout rounds of the competition and we faced Chuo Gakuin from Chiba, we came out 3-2 winners of a very entertaining match. The semi Final brought our team up against Maebashi Ikuei and the encounter was tense throughout with each team defending well. However, a counter attack from the opposition ending in a goal, which came in the last minute of the match, meant we had to settle for a third place play off.


The third place playoff saw us play Ryukei and it turned out to be a very interesting game, the heavens opened up prior to kick off and the field became a lake and with strong winds blowing it was one of the coldest games I’ve played in. The state of the ground meant the quality suffered and neither side could score as the crossbar seemed to be our greatest enemy, so it went to penalties.


The shootout was tense like any other and unfortunately our first taker missed. I took the fourth kick, and converted, but we eventually lost. This meant we placed fourth in 2014 Ocean cup out of over 25 teams across Japan which was quite successful. I enjoyed every minute of playing!

See ya Next time,


December 19, 2014

Tokyo: Past and Present

Last Wednesday we took a few students on a local field trip to explore and learn a little about Tokyo's past as well as one of the modern faces of Tokyo. This tour was put together to benefit both the international students and the two Japanese students who will be studying abroad (in New Zealand) on a student exchange in the new year. They were asked to use both English and Japanese.

Originally we had planned to visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku. Unfortunately it closed on December 1st for three months or so for renovations. So, we decided to visit the Fukagawa Edo museum. It was a good choice as there was excellent guide service and some fascinating exhibits.

The guides were extremely helpful and one lady also explained things in English and easy Japanese. We could actually enter into the old houses and look around to see how things were back in the Edo period. Many of the exhibits could even be touched.

After two hours of exploring the Edo period, we took a quick trip to Akihabara. We had lunch at Sizeria, a favourite place for many students, and then we had a short talk about the area. We covered the growth of the area and the transition from the warrior community to the changes that were brought by the railways. We told them about the name changes for the area and how it still uses the “Akiba” name in different ways. And we talked a little about the tragic incident that happened in 2008 which led to the cancellation of the car-free roads on the weekends.

The cold winds made it difficult to just stand and discuss the history and changes around the station so we gave them time to go off together and do some looking around in the various stores. This gave the two students going overseas a chance to ask the visiting students what kinds of things they might need or want to bring with them to New Zealand. And it gave them all a little time to bond and enjoy each others’ company.

December 14, 2014

Yuki's December web post!

Hi its Yuki here!

It’s been a month since I came to Seiritsu, and I have become used to the routines here at this school. I am having the most amazing experience here, becoming immersed into the Japanese culture and being able to improve my Japanese language skills significantly!


This month the international class visited the Toshogu in Nikko as an excursion to learn the historical culture of Japan.


It was an interesting site to visit as it was both mesmerising in view and educational with its history.

Although it was a one way trip of about 3 hours in length for me; I felt the trip was worth every minute of it! It’s definitely a great place to visit while in Japan!

The week after, as a preparation for two of the Seiritsu students heading off to a yearlong exchange to New Zealand; two of the international students including myself went on an excursion to the Edo shiryoukan and Akihabara.


We were unfortunately hit up with cold weather and strong wind; and were dismissed earlier than planned. However throughout the day we were able to see the contrast between the traditional culture of japan and the modern style of Japan, that so often cross over each other.


See you next month!


November 28, 2014

Connor's November Blog Post

Hello, Connor here;

Compared to October, November was a fairly relaxed month. Tests were over and the football club was in a period of transition having seen off the third years at the end of October.


With the Third year football students now gone the usual routine has changed up a bit, training is no longer separated into team or year groups we are now all training together under the coaching of all 4 staff members. This has resulted in an 'every man for himself' situation because everyone is trying to put their best foot forward in order to get into the A team.


Our first competitive match also came this month and our opponents were Toritsu Ueno. I was able to get a place in the starting line up at left back and the team cruised to a emphatic 6-0 win.


From a school point of view things are moving on quite well, I feel my speaking and writing skills are continually improving due to being in such an immersive environment. Also this term I have been able to focus on improving some of the language skills which are not on the JLPTest as I am not taking it this December.

Until next month,


November 28, 2014

November news from Jezza

Hey Jezza here,

November was a relatively busy month with preparations for the yearly tests and tournament games for soccer. However, a visit from a previous Seiritsu student brought the tension down to a more relaxed vibe.
Throughout the start of November it was mainly time for training and focusing on school. However mid way through month ex Seiritsu student Jason Davidson, who now is a pro at west brom currently in the premier league, dropped in for a quick interview and to discuss how he made it to where he is today. As well as Jason's appearance his dad Alan - who was an ex professional himself - came and I was lucky enough to talk to him for a fair while and he gave me some good advice and tips for me if I want to be a professional athlete.
Apart from Jason and his dad's visit towards the end of the month we had an important tournament which we were expected to proceed in however with a poor display leading to PKs - which we ended up losing - this wasn't to be true. With the unexpected loss, training from now on will be mainly physical based and something that a lot of the boys aren't looking forward to!
Also coming up shortly is our tests which we will sit from the 8th of December as well an excursion which will be something to look forward to. For me the tests will be history, Japanese and Japanese history as well as a selective test called JLPT.
Overall this month has had its ups and downs and one more set of tests to come but ultimately another good month!



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