August 3, 2021

Open School for future Junior High students

This Sunday, we had close to 20 students in total show up for the junior high English program introduction. We watched a video or two, did some fun and easy reading and played a few card games. We also told children and parents about the curriculum as well, of course. It was a fun day.

2021 open school JHS.jpg

August 2, 2021

High School Open School/Club introduction

On Saturday, we had open school and English club introductions for prospective students. Club members gave a short introduction and then we played some fun and active games to get our mouths and bodies moving. We followed this up with some card games and a quiz. It was a good day.

2021 Open School HS.jpg

August 2, 2021

Courtyard construction

For those of you who have been at our school, you know that we have a special kind of turf in the courtyard. It has had lots of little repairs over the years but this year we will be doing a full renewal of the courtyard turf.
The construction began today.

20210802 renewal 1.jpg

Can't wait to see it when it is all done!

20210802 renewal 2.jpg

July 30, 2021

Daily messages

Our school has daily messages from teachers on the website. It is called (今日の一枚) and all the teachers take turns posting interesting stuff, and it is not always about school or learning.

Scarlett posted hers yesterday about craving ramen. You can access her post here:

Here is the picture from the post. Doesn't it look delicious?

20210730 ramen.jpg

July 5, 2021

Tanabata time

Summer brings many exciting festivals and events. One of these events is called Tanabata. We have mentioned it before in past years. For many of our readers, you will surely have heard of this tradition. If you have not, we highly recommend reading about it in more detail online. Here are a few interesting links:

Here at Seiritsu, our junior high students set up a small area to make and hang their wishes.
Many of the students really get into this simple activity.

20210706 tanabata.jpg

June 25, 2021

Test your Japanese with JLPT

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a little more than a week from today. Did you sign up? The JLPT is a good way to test your Japanese level and is also useful in the future for studying in Japan at high school level or university level and also looks very good on a resume/CV.
The JLPT has 5 levels, with N1 being the most difficult.
If you didn't sign up this time, start studying and planning to apply because the next test date is Sunday, December 5th. It's never too early to prepare. がんばろう!

JLPT books.jpeg

June 21, 2021

Open school days are coming

When you have lived in Japan for a while, and especially when you have kids, you begin to notice certain patterns with advertising. With the coming of summer, you can start to see lots of ads for open schools and open campus sessions. It is the season for students and parents to visit potential schools and get an impression of the school. Where do you want to send your kids? Where do your kids want to go? What do the schools offer?

Well, it is time for us to advertise our annual summer open school event for high school and junior high school. We have open trial sessions for our clubs and some special trial class lessons. The big day for Seiritsu this year is July 31st for the high school and August 1st for the junior high.

If you are looking at your options, we hope you come and check us out.

202010621 open school1.jpg

June 19, 2021

Fun general activities

We had a chance to go out and plant some flowers by Akabane station today.

20210619 flowers1.jpg

We were lucky that the heavy rain held off. But spending an hour outside in the drizzle still made a lot of students wet (and muddy).

20210619 muddy1.jpg

This time our class decided to do it with English as well. Brent Sensei went around and interviewed most of the students about the activity and the weather, and taught them some related vocabulary.

We learned many words related to gardening. Do you know what a trowel and a hoe are?

Brent took pictures of the students and we will prepare study cards for our class and for future classes.

20210619 北区美化 成立学園.jpg

You can see the students were having a lot of fun.

June 16, 2021

Scarlett tells us about her Sports Day

It was great to have the sports festival this year and see so many students having fun together. I enjoyed the new games that were held. My favorite was the ball and hoop game. What part did you enjoy best?

Everybody worked really hard to make sure it was successful. Even in the blistering heat we tried our best and made the most of it. Congrats to the blue team for coming 1st. Here is a picture of our well deserved lunch break.

Well done Seiritsu students and teachers for working so hard.

20210616 scarlett sports day.jpg

June 14, 2021

Vicky makes the most of her last sports day

On June 10th, my school held a sports day (Washimiya Sai) that we could not have last year due to the pandemic. Sports day is one of my favorite school events so I was very happy that we had the chance to do it this year. Although many things were limited and the times were shortened, I had a lot of fun with my friends. The 3rd year girls performed a dance that we had been practicing for about a year. After the performance, younger students came up to me and told me that I did great. That made my day :) Then, I ran in the relay against different colored teams. I was the 6th runner and I passed the yellow team and handed the baton to the 7th runner. My team got 1st place. Right after the relay, there was another relay with school clubs. I ran for the girls soccer club. At first we were in the first place but my teammates dropped the baton and we dropped to 2nd place. I am sure that we could of been in the first place...
I got to take tons of pictures with my friends and teachers. Since it is my 3rd year, this was the last sports day, but I'm glad I made a lot of memories.

Vicky R3-6-29 2.JPG

Vicky R3-6-29 1.JPG



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