April 15, 2021

Health checks - Day one

At the start of every school year we hold health checks for students and teachers. The first days are for the students. Today we have our 3rd grade seniors in the morning and then the 2nd graders in the afternoon.

There are about 10 "stations", including height and weight and vision stations, that they must get checked at. (Here is Tan who is about to be measured for his height.)

20210415 hc1.JPG

While they wait, they can chat quietly with their friends. (Vicky and Yuka and some of their friends posed for us.)

20210415 hc2.JPG

Ryu and Yin also took a second to pose for pictures.

20210415 hc4.JPG

20210415 hc3.JPG

It is a nice easy day for the students.

April 13, 2021

Scarlett's secret sakura spot

Summer is creeping up on us fast.
The sakura season went by so quickly!

Did you manage to get out and see the sakura?
I saw lots of busy spots but somehow managed to stumble upon paradise.

I found a secret spot where I had a picnic and watched the petals fall off the trees like snow and disappear down the river.

When I sent the picture to friends and family back home they all said
"Wow, you live in a real-life anime!".

Where is your favorite sakura spot? Do you have a secret spot?

20210413 Scarlett blog.jpg

April 7, 2021

The 2021 school year begins!

It is another fine spring morning today and we are about to begin the 2021 ("Reiwa sannen" in the Japanese calendar) academic year here at Seiritsu Gakuen.

20210407 entrance1.jpg

We start the year with the entrance ceremony for all new 1st graders of junior high and senior high.

20210407 entrance1b.jpg

After the ceremony the students go to their new homeroom and meet their homeroom teacher and each other, and get some important papers. There will be lots of adjustments for the safety of the students but everyone has been working hard to make sure it is still a wonderful experience for them all.

20210407 entrance3.jpg20210407 entrance2.jpg

There is some amazing artwork to greet our new "Seiritsu family" members!

20210407 entrance4.jpg

20210407 entrance5.jpg

Welcome! We look forward to the next 3 years (6 for junior high students) together!

April 5, 2021

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air!

20210405 1stday1.jpg

It is the first day back for some of the teachers today and when walking towards the school, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of the flowers planted by our volunteer club and some teachers.
It is a great project that helps make the community better.

20210405 1stday2.jpg

April 4, 2021

Kindergarten Entrance Ceremony

It is a beautiful day today and some of us are going in for the kindergarten entrance ceremony.
The kids are so cute! We look forward to meeting them and playing with a bunch of them.

20210404 Kinder1.jpg

March 24, 2021


Spring is seen everywhere as a time of renewal, especially in Japan. It is the time businesses hire and schools start the new academic year. It is also the time the when the sakura / cherry blossoms bloom, which is early this year due to warmer temperatures. The love of sakura comes from their fleeting beauty - such a feast for the eyes but gone in a few days. This fleeting beauty and the implied appreciation of it is known among Japanese literary types as mono no aware, or in Japanese ものの哀れ.

Let's take time to look around and appreciate life and nature's beautiful and get our minds set for a renewed outlook on this year's study and work.

fuji blossoms.jpg

March 17, 2021

Ryu's hard work at Seiritsu


When I was in the first year of high school, I had to study arts and sciences. It was really difficult for me because I am not Japanese . But this year I went to science class. Although it was hard work, it was much better than last year.

During the interview before my second year, the teacher told me about the importance of the Eiken , and then I studied and passed the pre 2nd-level test. Next, I will work hard to take the level-2 test, which is very important for my university entrance examination.


March 13, 2021

Zebra March event

The International Department works with Seiritsu Zebra and teaches English to local kids after school. There are lessons several days a week. We have been holding various events for the regular students and their friends and family members. With Covid-19 the events have been limited but they are still happening and the kids enjoy them a lot.

Here is the link to the Seiritsu Zebra website where there was a blog post about the event yesterday. It is in Japanese but you can get an idea of what it is like thru the pictures.


20210313 Can you1.jpg

March 11, 2021

A message from Yin (Erik)

This year, with the help of the International Department, I learned English and Japanese. My weekly study enabled me to communicate with my teachers and classmates in high school. I didn't understand at first, but now I can communicate normally. This year's help has been very great for me. Although there is the impact of the epidemic, and I needed to take classes online, I can take classes without subtitles because of the help of everyone in the International Department.

20210311 Eric1.jpg

March 10, 2021

Another update from Vicky

Because of the pandemic, we couldn't practice soccer with the team for almost 3 months from December through March. Instead, we had couple online trainings with the team and I managed the time to practice on my own. It was tough to keep up the energy and constantly practice by yourself, but I always wanted to be better and work more than others. I watched some professional soccer games, and my own games to compare and learn. I went on runs in the morning when I had time. I didn't have anyone to pass the ball with, but I used the wall to be my "passing partner". Practicing by myself wasn't as bad but it was a lot different because it was not as fun as when you're playing with your friends/ teammates. We can always learn from each other and make ourselves better by practicing together. Since we have tournaments in March, I will practice harder and hopefully get back in shape so we can win!

20210310 Vicky team1.jpg



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