May 15, 2020

Teresa makes yummy use of lovely nature around her home.

Hey everyone!

It's Teresa again and we're in the middle of Taurus (the bull) season. Things are still bumpy, but I've found great comfort in walking around nature that surrounds my home.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to get some sun in the acres of isolated farmland and parks. During my walks, I've been spotting these. Can you guess what they are?

20200513 Teresa 1.jpg

Hint: This is what they look like once they've grown.

20200513 Teresa 3.jpg

So if you guessed bamboo, you're right! My neighborhood has tons of bamboo shoots sprouting up about. I'm in love with the texture and taste, so obviously, I've started going about and chucking up a few for dinner.

20200513 Teresa 2.jpg

Digging around the dirt and eating what the earth produced the night before has been therapeutic. I truly want a garden now!

20200513 Teresa blog 4.jpg

Stay safe and keep shining,


May 13, 2020

Scarlett's virtual adventures!

Recently I have been spending lots of my time picking fruit and catching fish. I have done this from the comfort of my own home. Do you know how?

By playing ANIMAL CROSSING or どうぶつの森.

For those who haven't played the game, you have your own island/campsite which you decorate and animals come and visit you. You create things by collecting plants, vegetables, fish and bugs. Most people play this game on the switch. I do not have a switch so I downloaded the phone version. It's called Pocket Camp.

Animal crossing is a great way to escape and spend lots of time. It also makes me think more about the nature around us when I am outside. My favorite character is Fauna the Deer.

Do you play? If so, who is your favorite character?

20200513 Scarlett blog 2.jpg

2020053 Scarlet blog.jpg

April 27, 2020

ECC online

With all of the different activities happening online this month, we are also holding our English Conversation Club sessions on Zoom every week. Most of the members of the club are in other clubs too and they are all holding their meetings on Mondays at the same time. This means we only have a few members come each time but it is great for them to meet up with friends from other classes and grades. We are all really looking forward to hanging out together in SGC when everything settles down.

20200427 ECCscreen1.jpg

April 24, 2020

A message about a student in Canada

One of our Japanese students is still studying in Canada on an exchange program. Yuka went to Canada in January. She has been submitting her reports every month and we wanted to share her most recent update with you all.

I went to go drive-in theater with host family and host mum's cousin. There is a big screen.
The movie is Troll. The movie started from 8:10. The sound flowed using FM receiver.
It was very good. Because I have never watched at a Drive-in theater, I watched movie at Drive- in theater (for the) first time.
My dad took very good position. And then I watched the movie from trunk space in the car.
According to the website this movie have a road show in October in Japan.

20200424 drivein1.jpg

20200424 drivein2.jpg

Yuka's English has been making great strides. She is also learning a lot about life in another country. Despite the challenges we are all facing, she is doing her best to make the best of it.

Good luck, Yuka! And take care!

April 20, 2020

Zebra classes

With everything going on with COVID-19, and the schools all being closed down, the various divisions of Seiritsu are working hard to make sure all of the students and families are being taken care of. For the Seiritsu Zebra English program, we have started putting up videos on Youtube for our members to watch and practice their English.

The website for English is here:

20200420 Zebra online.jpg

The new teachers have been making videos too. Come check them out!

April 18, 2020

Teresa wants cookies!

[ This is a difficult time for everyone. I hope you, your family, your friends, and all loved ones are safe. Practice social distancing but let's be alone together. I write this blog in hopes of bringing a small smile to your day. ]

Hey everyone!

It's Teresa again. Without any of us realizing, we are in April. I suppose it's true about the saying, "April showers bring May flowers."

I'd like to make a new saying though!

"April showers bring April cookies."

That's right. I've been receiving more and more pictures about my friends and family making cookies or vegan chocolate fudge bites. I have never wanted an oven this badly.

A family member even teased me by adding the captions, "[P]eople with oven made these."



I am so insulted.

The best I can do is make the viral dalgona coffee with my spoon. Fun fact: if you consume all of the whipped coffee in one go, you'll get a caffeine headache! Pro-tip: don't do that.

Keep sharing and keep connecting even though it'll make some of us yearn for an oven!



April 17, 2020

Scarlett's tips for staying happy and healthy indoors

For some of us it is a strange phenomenon to stay inside for long periods of time. In Japan many workers and students spend Monday-Saturday out of the house. Here are some tips on how to stay home but still be productive and have fun:

1) Create a ergonomic workspace
You cannot do homework or stay focused if you are slouched or still in bed. Even if you do not have a desk try to sit up-straight.

2) Have regular breaks
It is scientifically proven that we get more work done if you have regular breaks. Try the Pomodoro technique, work for 25 minutes then have a 5 minute rest, when you have finished the task have another 30 minute break.

3) Stretch!
When working indoors we tend to not move around too much, this makes us stiff. Try to do regular stretches during your work breaks. If you are feeling even more adventurous, do yoga.

4) Ditch the games and grab a book
Yes, gaming is fun but we cannot do this all day. By reading a book you are learning new things, using your brain and you can sit and drink tea whilst you do it.

5) Do something different
Always wanted to try out a new skill? NOW IS YOUR TIME. There are lots of free online learning resources so try coding or go on a virtual tour of a museum. Bake those chocolate goodies that you have been wanting to try.

Stay safe, have fun and keep busy.



March 18, 2020

The time was too short

In response to the current novel corona situation, citizens all over the world are being asked to return to their homes. In line with this, the bulk of our study abroad programs have been closed and students will return to their home countries.

As always, student health and safety is of utmost importance to the school. Once the students have returned safely, we hope to help with any follow up necessary.

Though circumstances shortened their time with us, their energy and enthusiasm was infectious and we will truly miss seeing them around school and in SGC. We hope to have other chances to see them again in the not too distant future.*

Pictured below are Faith, Mona, Crystena*, Paula*, Vicky*, Victor, Ethan and Skylar.

(*Crystena and Paula from Canada went home in late 2019 at the end of their stay. Vicky from the USA is still with us. Hernan from the US was not able to attend this day.)

2019 ID kids assembled small size.jpeg

March 18, 2020

Scarlett and Udo.

Recently I had the opportunity to harvest my own Udo in Kodaira. Udo is a spring vegetable that is grown underground. I had to climb down inside a scary hole and use a knife to cut the stem from the bottom.
20200318 scarlett blog 1.jpg

After I harvested the Udo, I then had an amazing meal cooked for me. This meal has Udo served in various ways. My favourite was Udo tempura. Udo reminds me of a white asparagus mixed with celery!

20200318 scarlett blog 3.jpg

Have you ever tried Udo? If you haven't you should definitely try it. It is now in season.

20200318 scarlett blog 2.jpg

March 16, 2020

Faith skis for the first time!

Greeting again from Japan!

Throughout the last two months, school has continued as pretty much as usual though with a lot of breaks towards the end. Crazy how similar Japanese classes feel to being normal high school now. One event that really broke the encroaching monotony was a ski trip with all the first years at the beginning of February. Before the trip, I had literally no idea how to ski. First time I put them on(a long and tedious process as well) I could barely stand up, let alone move. Mona and I were originally placed in highest level class but we eventually moved down to the absolute beginners class due to my horrid balance. After one afternoon of skiing, I actually started to get the hang of it. By the last day, we went down the highest slope in that area of the ski resort and our instructor even kept us out skiing later than we were supposed to because he liked us so much. The girls and boys were completely separated into two different hotels (as is the Japanese way) meaning we didn't get to see half of our friends for the entire trip. Our hotel was really nice though. We had all-you-can-eat buffets every night and literally the BEST breakfasts I have eaten here in Japan. The trip was a blast and I really enjoyed learning to ski.
20200318 Mona blog 1.jpg

Less exciting but we found an awesome foreign language bookshop in Shinjuku. They have tons of English books and sections of Chinese, French, German and Spanish. It's always fun to stop by and pick up a few books to read.

20190318 faith blog 2.jpg

With corona panic at its height, the school has shut down and our spring break has been quite extended. Not sure what to do with all this new free time but I hope to spend my time productively. And yes, I do consider hanging out with my friends in Tokyo very productive.

Faith Villarreal



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