April 11, 2014

Student Post: Connor's Spring Holiday

Hello everyone, Connor here;


After another term of school, all of the students were eager to finally get a long break! But, there was no sun bathing on beaches or sleeping in for the students involved in the football club. The start of the holidays meant more time for football and that's exactly what I did, either training or playing a game for 6 days of the week.


On top of all our training, our team attended a training and game camp at the end of March in Yamanashi-ken here we played a total of 5 games over 3 days. Out of the five games Seiritsu won 4, only losing to Yamanashi University. All in all, the camp was another good experience where i was able to meet and play against players from all over Japan and also improve as a player.


Although soccer took up the majority of my time during Spring break I was still able to go out and see some of the unique things Japan has on offer and spend time with my mother who was visiting from Australia! Over the short period that she was here we went and saw the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku and dined in a fine Italian restaurant in Yotsuya.

Overall, it was quite a great Spring break getting to do the things I enjoy most and being able to see my family. But, now with the school year already upon us it is time for me to improve my Japanese and my all-round academic progress!


April 11, 2014

New Teacher, Brent Regan


Hello everyone. My name is Brent Regan. I am from Calgary, Canada. I came to Japan in 1997 on a working holiday visa to further my karate training. To make a long story short, I became an English teacher and was able to continue practicing karate here in Japan. I got married along the way and now we have a son.

As an English teacher, I have taught all ages of students - from babies to seniors. And I have taught all kinds of levels, including returnee classes in junior and senior high. I try to enjoy every moment of every day so I prefer to run bright, energetic classes. Many of my students have developed a liking for English and an open attitude.

I have made many wonderful friends here. One of them was a fellow Canadian who also practices karate. In fact, he was teaching karate at a high school called Seiritsu. His name is Richard Mosdell and through him I met another friend, Peter, a few years later. Thanks to them, I was introduced to Seiritsu Gakuen and now I find myself being a member of the Seiritsu family.

I am really excited about working here and getting involved with all of the wonderful staff, students, and visitors. Wish me luck!

April 8, 2014

Seiritsu School Entrance Ceremony 2014

Monday April 7 saw the beginning of Seiritsu's school year with the junior and senior high school entrance ceremony. The weather was perfect for the occasion, and even the cherry blossoms had kindly waited, releasing their petals like celebratory confetti on the hundreds of students enrolling in the latest part of their academic journey.



The new students, along with family, congregated in the main hall and were introduced to their home room teachers by the principal, Fukuda kocho, in a formal ceremony.



After the ceremony, the students were lead to their new classrooms and given their introduction packs by their teachers. Then, they had their class photo taken outside in the court, and were greeted by various school clubs, to invite them to try out their sport or activity. Of course, the karate club was there in enthusiastic force!



We are looking forward to getting to know everyone, and wish everyone good luck for this year!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

March 21, 2014

Richard's last day (2005-2014)


Richard here,

It's been a really wonderful 9+ years at Seiritsu! My two main job hats, international department manager & karate club head coach, have been full of rewarding experiences.

My warm thanks to all the teachers, front office staff, kindergarten, Peter (!), students past & present and of course the many wonderful people I have had the pleasure to interact with both here in Tokyo, and abroad.

It's bitter sweet to leave, as I truly love Tokyo and feel very at home here.

But as one door closes, another opens, and I will be opening that door wide by starting a new karate dojo in Canada with a national team coach from September, while also continuing to work as a study abroad agent, plus continue to plug away at my PhD with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies from a distance now that my course work is complete.

However, I'm not disconnecting with Japan, as I will continue to work on projects with Seiritsu, of course I have the whole karate world I'm interacting with, and my first English karate manga is coming out in June!

So everyone, keep in touch and follow my new activities via these websites.

www.richardmosdell.com (personal blog)

www.kenzensportskarate.com (new dojo in Victoria, BC Canada)

www.sonnyleads.com (karate manga)

'The sky is beautiful, the rice tastes great & karate is more than fun..........'

Jya, mata ne!


March 7, 2014

Congratulations Seiritsu Gakuen Class of 2014!

Seiritsu's high school graduation ceremony for the class of 2014 was held on March 2. Three years of hard work, friendship, study, laughter and tears all culminated to the final joint event of the school.


This year's graduates have been particularly close knit, and the ceremony was considerably more emotional than usual.


After the graduating classes filed into the hall, the class representatives were issued their class diplomas, songs were sung, the principal Fukuda kocho sensei issued a speech, as did the former and present student council president.


Certain students also received certificates of recognition for their achievements during their time at Seiritsu. International student En Muan is receiving his certificate in recognition of reaching the national representatives for basketball.


After the ceremony, graduating students went back to their home rooms for one last goodbye and to receive their individual diplomas.



Outside, the school clubs and associations gathered to say goodbye to their graduating senpai, with many a photo taken and gift exchanged.



In the karate club we said goodbye to our seven senior club members.


Everyone, congratulations on your graduation, thank you for the memories, and good luck for your future adventures.

February 26, 2014

Seiritsu Soccer boys win opening league match!

The Seiritsu boys' soccer team opened their Prince Takamado League season with a convincing 4-0 win over FC Toripletta Youth team on Saturday February 22.


After the initial opening match was postponed due to the heavy snow in Kanto, the boys finally kicked off their title challenge and sit top of the table. Braces from both Uchida Yumaro and Machida Braito ensured the win.

The next game will be versus Teikyo High School, on Saturday March 8.

Go Seiritz!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

February 25, 2014

Seiritsu's annual junior high marathon

On a sunny yet cold Saturday morning on February 22nd, all junior high school students participated in Seiritsu's 2nd Junior High Marathon.


Planned as an annual event, the students ran the same course as last year, with the boys running 10km and the girls 5km in a route running along the nearby Arakawa river.


Many teachers, family members and local residents came out to cheer on all the runners.


Good work, everyone. Otsukare!

February 10, 2014

Tokyo hit by record snow!

The heaviest snowfall in decades hit the Kanto region over the weekend of February 8-9, covering Tokyo and its surrounding area with up to 35cm of snow!


A view of part of the imperial grounds in the center of Tokyo. image:MSN.com

Seiritsu school was closed due to the weather, and many other services including transport were understandably disrupted. Many kids (and adults too!) took this rare opportunity to go and play in the snow, where it was not uncommon to see yukidarma (snowmen) and igloos line the streets and parks.

Snow bunnies and Doraemon, even a snow Ultraman popped up around Kanto!

However, the snow was not to last and normal service has been more-or-less resumed throughout Japan's capital; this is good news for the hundreds of students taking the high school general entrance exam at Seiritsu today. Good luck everyone!

February 6, 2014

Seiritsu kids go skiing! Ski school 2014

Every year, year 1 high school students (as well as junior high and athlete course students) take part in a 4-day ski course. This year, from January 31 to February 3, they went to Shigakogen, Nagano prefecture, and enjoyed fantastic skiing conditions!



The students were separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups, but everyone surely improved as the days progressed.


Skiing (and snowboarding) is a very popular winter sport here in Japan, with snow-capped mountains and resorts just a few hours away from Tokyo.


This video shows just a little slice of how much fun the students had at last year's ski school.

If this looks like something you want to be part of, why not apply for our gap studies course? You can take part in this and many other school excursions, including rice planting, school club camps, and much more!


Download our application form here.

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

February 5, 2014

Singapore student Tommy tries Seritisu for a week!

From January 20-26, an international student came to experience life at Seiritsu for one week. Here is his report!

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Tommy, from Singapore. Ever since primary school, I have had a deep fascination and interest in the Japanese culture and language. Wanting to experience Japanese school life first hand, I visited Seiritsu for a 5 day short programme (the longest my schedule could allow) and I’m certainly glad I did!


From enjoying home-made bentou with the class to going out with my new friends to take Purikura (photo booth style pictures), I have thoroughly enjoyed my foray into Japanese high school life. Studying in a Japanese high school is a rather unique experience, with the strict and disciplined school system seeming to contrast with the friendliness and youthful mirth of the Japanese students and teachers.

Tommy meets with some of our English Conversation Club members

The students at Seiritsu were some of the friendliest people I have ever met: they went to great pains to explain what I could not understand during Japanese lessons, showed me around the school and various clubs I had the pleasure to visit, and even brought me to nearby areas to enjoy the mesmerizing sights. Even though I was there for only a week, I have learned so much more about Japanese culture through communicating with the students.


This experience has been the perfect blend of fun and education, and I would not trade it for the world!


Tommy clearly enjoyed his time at Seiritsu, why don't you do the same? Try our Gap-Studies programme for up to 12 months!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator



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