July 17, 2019

Todd's mother visits

My mum came over from Australia mid June, and it was good to see her after 3 and a half months.
We have been spending a lot of time together.
Football (soccer) has started to improve, and I'm still looking forward for the next few months leading into summer.
I've enjoyed the rainy season, even though it's still really warm.

20190717 Todd blog.jpg

July 12, 2019

Michael is here!

Hello, my name is Michael. I'm from Los Angeles, and I'm a student at the California State University. Before coming to Seiritsu, I was in the United States Navy. In the Navy, I visited Japan many times. I like Japan, because the food is delicious and the trains are convenient. Also, the land is beautiful and the culture is wonderful. After the Navy, I became a college student to learn more about Japan. Therefore, I studied Japanese at my university. I also studied abroad in Kyoto for a year. Today, I'm an intern at Seiritsu.The picture for this blog is one I took while on an excursion with Seiritsu international students! It is a pleasure to meet the teachers and students!

Michael Alupay blog.jpg

July 9, 2019

Say Hello to Juliette!

Hello, I'm Juliette. I am now Seiritsu's third intern. I have been staying in Japan now for about three weeks and I'm having a wonderful time. Observing classes and seeing how the students learn has been an educational experience for me. I hope to work as an English foreign language teacher in the future so moments like these are very helpful. I'm excited to learn more about Japan during the rest of my stay here.

Juliette blog.jpg

July 8, 2019

Le premier mois de Solomon au Japon!

J suis tres heureux de venue ici au japon j admire leurs vies social et educative. Le premier point j apprecie mon entourage au school mes profs mes amis en classe et basket bolls sont tres gentieux avec moi leur vie social es paisible pas derangant ils sont tres respectieux pas de racism's pas des bandits c es vraiment interressant.

20190715 Solomon blog.jpg

June 28, 2019

Hello from our new intern, Luke.

Hello, I'm Luke. I'm the second intern at Seiritsu. I am here to decide whether or not I want to work in Japan. While I'm in Japan I will be at different universities and schools, working with teachers and students. I am also excited to continue learning Japanese so that it will be easier to make friends. I hope to return to beautiful places in Japan I have already been to, and to find more such places.

20190628 Luke blog.jpg

June 24, 2019

Meet Annabel!

Meet our new intern! She is the first of 5 interns that will be at Seiritsu over the next several weeks.
From Annabel:
I have only been in Japan for a week, but already I am in love! Things are so different from back home in America, but I like being able to experience a different way of life. So far I have eaten delicious sushi, explored the epic shopping center of Shibuya, and enjoyed the tranquility of a Japanese shrine. I can't wait to see what else Japan has in store for me!

20190624 Annabel blog.jpg

June 17, 2019

William goes underground

Just this last term, I went to an excursion in Kasukabe, north of Tokyo. We went to a factory where they handmade Japanese dolls first. The skills of the artists making the dolls were very impressive. Although from my personal perspective I don't these kinds of dolls, I respect the factory's spirit.
In the afternoon we went to a fantastic place that didn't look like a real world. We ate our delicious convenient store lunch on the grass first. Then we went down under the earth's surface. The air in that place was very cool. And it was a great structure of archaeology. We took a lot of pictures.

20190617 william blog.jpg

June 12, 2019

Rebecca enjoyed Term 1!

This is my third year in Japan and I am a grade three student now.
This spring, I went to see the cherry blossoms in Nakameguro river. The flowers bloomed on both sides of the river. Some of them fell into the river when the wind blew. We walked on the path beside the river, ate some snacks, watching the lanterns and enjoying the view.

rebecca blog.jpg

We also had the sports festival. This time we were team blue.
This was the last event for third year students.
We had two new events. They were cheering contest and dance performance.
For our team,the basketball team boys taught us how to cheer.
We shouted and enjoyed the power of teamwork.
We danced two songs and we trained for it for an entire year. We did a really great job!

Last our blue team did a really great job in all the items, we won the first or second place in all of them. Regrettably, we lost in only a few points to the yellow team because their junior high members were so strong. What a pity.
However, everything was fun and we took a lot of pictures.
It was really a wonderful experience!


June 9, 2019

Vicky is enjoying term 2

On June 5th, we had 鷲宮祭 (Washinomiya sai) which is a Japanese sports day. It was my first time so at first, I was confused on what to do. We had 2 days to practice for sports day but we never worked on the 4x100 relays for club, and I was chosen for that. I was super nervous for it since the other runners were 2nd and 3rd year students, but my friends and team mates were cheering for me from the sideline and I could run without being nervous. With my classmates, we had 3種リレー. I did 台風の目 and 大玉ころがし. It was super fun and a fun experiment. I learned that working as a team will help a lot, I was happy that we got 1st place. Over all it was really hot outside but fun and was one of the best day this school year. It was memorable and I'm excited for next year.

vicky term 2 blog 2.jpg

vicky term 2 blog 1.jpg

June 4, 2019

Scarlett tries hand at rice planting

Last month it was the first time I ever planted rice.

It was so fun, I did not realise it would be such a muddy experience.

20190531 Scarlett Blog1.jpg

Me, Teresa and Junior High students and their parents went to the smaller rice patches and stood in the mud and planted the small rice seedlings for around 2 hours.

It was very tiring and my legs hurt for the next few days but at the time it was therapeutic feeling the mud between my toes. I look forward to going again!

20190531 Scarlett Blog2.jpg



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