August 1, 2022

Summer holidays begin

We are entering this solid summer season so we will have many special classes during the break.
Students catch up when they're behind or they get to study extra stuff for university.

So even during the summer holidays in many cases students are busy studying.
That means us teachers are busy getting ready for the different types of classes.

Now we are getting ready for the special summer classes for zebra.

There are not many big festivals happening so we will be having a small tiny festival for each class and doing some of the traditional games found at local festivals.

Can you guess what we are doing?

20220801 event1.jpg

August 1, 2022

Scarlett says goodbye.

The time has finally come to return to the U.K.
Living and working in Japan has been a fantastic experience I will never forget. Seeing Seiritsu students enjoy speaking English was so amazing for me.

Although it is goodbye, it won't be forever. I hope to return to Japan in the future and visit with family and friends. I will definitely return to Akabane and say hi and eat my favourite ramen nearby. If you ever find yourself in the U.K. please ask for my email and I can give you lots of fun hints and tips.

Sayonara Seiritsu!

scarlett kocho 3.jpg

scarlett kocho 1.jpg

July 31, 2022

Open school - Junior high 2022

On this final weekend we always hold two open school events. Yesterday was our high school club event. Today was the event for elementary aged students to come and experience some junior high events or classes. Many parents come to see the school and the events and also to speak with the teachers.

20220731 sun1.jpg

There is always a wide variety of classes to try out. This year we had the usual special English reading session introducing the extensive reading program (Tadoku).
A few students from the Tankyu class came out to help us. Thank you!

20220731 sun2.jpg

And then at the same time we also had a special karate lesson taught in English.
The students who came to help out and the young students who tried out the class had a blast.

Actually, everyone has a lot of fun on these days. So many students come in on the weekend and help out. They are such amazing young people!
Thank you all!

20220731 sun3.jpg

July 30, 2022

Open school - Club day 2022

On the last Saturday of July we always hold our open house for club experiences. Students can come and try out the club they are interested in to see how it is.
It is a very popular event.

20220730 sat1.jpg

This year we also held a special session introducing the new "shiteiko" system we are introducing to our students here at Seiritsu. We are going to have special pathways into overseas universities starting from this year. This is also going to be a very popular feature at Seiritsu.
It is so exciting!

20220730 sat2.jpg

July 25, 2022

Open school Weekend 2022

This weekend we will be having our open school for clubs for high school students and special classes for the junior high students.
The deadline has probably passed but maybe there is still a chance to fit in.
If you live in the area and have wanted to check out our school, this might be your best chance!

20220721 open school.jpg

July 22, 2022

Day 3 of Summer Academic Tour

Today is the third and final day of this special seminar time.

20220722 SAT poster.jpg

Students were taking lots of pictures together in their street/personal clothes. Not only did they enjoy their lessons, they were having lots of fun after school, too.

20220722 pics together.jpg

I am betting most students wish they had more weeks like this!
(And maybe some of the teachers too!)

July 21, 2022

Summer Academic Tour - Day 2

Today is the second day of the special seminar week.

Yesterday was a very hot day. The kids enjoyed coming in personal clothes and avoiding some of the heat. Today is hot too and lots of new fashions and excited faces are being seen all around the school.

And, of course, the lessons are interesting and challenging for everyone.
Here is what one student is making in one of the programming classes.
Can you guess what it is?

20220721 SATa.jpg

July 20, 2022

Summer Academic Tour begins!

Today is the first day of the special academic tour summer seminar week.

20220720 SAT1.jpg

Students and teachers alike come in their personal clothes instead of uniforms and business wear.

They get to study so many different interesting things.
All the adults we show this to say, "Oh I wish I could've studied something like that when I went to high school."

These kind of special study weeks are a big hit with students and teachers alike!

20220720 SAT2.jpg

July 15, 2022

English Club says goodbyes

On June 29th our English Conversation Club (ECC) said goodbye to Scarlett Sensei and the 3rd year students.

Here is a message on our main website about the goodbye:

July 11, 2022

Scarlett's last class

Scarlett is leaving to go back to England, her home country, in a few weeks. Her last actual class was last Friday. The class was 1-N that has known her for four years. They suprised her with a message for her, saying goodbye, at the end of class. They also gave her a nice thank you card that they all had signed. Lots of smiles, and a nice maskless picture to remember their faces from when they first came into school as junior high schools students.

scarlett goodbye blog.jpg



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