April 17, 2019

Scarlett loves the cherry blossoms

This year was my first time seeing Cherry Blossom in Japan and it was so lovely to spend time beneath the trees. We do have cherry blossom in England but a lot people do not acknowledge the beauty of them, it was fun to see how one flower can sprout so many petals.

My two favorite places to see them were Yoyogi Park and Meguro River, even though both places were very busy it was great to see so many people out having fun. I'm sad that it's nearly over but looking forward to the sun coming out.

20190417 Scarlett Blog 1.jpg

20190417 Scarlett Blog 2.jpg

It's a beautiful way to symbolize the start of a new year. Now is a good time to set our goals, my goal is to do more yoga. See you around school....

April 15, 2019

Teresa's trip to Fukui

Tokyoites, are you tired of the city? Do you want to escape the concrete jungle and remind yourself that air should smell like sweet honey glazed over some fresh donuts?

Be like me and get away to Fukui, a prefecture I'm sure a god must've blessed personally. I have an inkling it's the paper goddess who resides in a nearby shrine.

20190410 Teresa blog a.jpg

The above is a traditional paper-making shop, and one of the many mikoshi the paper goddess has dedicated to her.

Now, what exactly can we do there? Is it actually that great?

The answer is: YES. For the adventurous ones, you can go scuba diving, zip lining, and skiing. Of course, all around you are onsens you can dip into after the workout. For the artistic ones, make your own Japanese washi postcards with dried flowers the locals picked themselves the year before.

20190410 Teresa blog glass.jpg

You can also make a knife in Fukui's own knife village that many chiefs travel all the way to for. For the foodies, of course there are unforgettable dishes there. They have a special bowl of soba that's more al dente than other regions. I had that and then topped it off with soba ice cream! It was surprisingly delicious.

20190410 Teresa blog 3.jpg

You can spend a weekend there or an entire week, but I know you'll come back with a refreshed soul and mind.

20190410 Teresa blog 8.jpg

April 4, 2019

How about becoming a host family ?

There are many good host family programs. At Seiritsu we use Homestay in Japan but we are now looking at this program too. It is linked with the government through AFS.

If you are thinking about possibly being a host family, there are two typical patterns: being a short term host family, or being a long term family. It is probably easier and better to start as a short term family. If so, we recommend contacting Homestay in Japan.

If you have done it before and are looking at being a long term family, how about checking out this program? It looks like it could be a fantastic opportunity.

20190404 AFS host family.jpg

March 28, 2019

Australia Homestay 2019

We just got back from our annual trip to Australia. Someone from the International Department takes a bunch of junior high and senior high students to do a homestay near Sydney. They spend one week in the home stay and learn how people live in Australia. Some schools only do a few days but we do a full week. This means many of the students can make good relationships with the families. It also means they can change their thinking towards learning and using English.

It is a great experience for the students and the families too.

If you can read Japanese, you can see some of the blog posts on our main school website (and if you can't, you can still look at and enjoy some of the pictures):


20190328 ausreturn1.jpg

March 12, 2019

McJETs and More

JETs are everywhere, and the event I went to in February really sealed the case.

20190312 Teresa blog1.jpg

In the JET Alumni Association Reception, I met many distinguished JET alumni with glittering careers. One example is Jonathan Kushner, a McJET, for he is the current Vice President of Corporate Relations at McDonald's Holdings Company Japan! Thanks to his connections, we had a grand meal in a classy building. Those fries were not good for my health, but it doesn't hurt once in a while!

20190312 Teresa blog2.png

I also had the pleasure of meeting Paige Cottingham-Streater, the executive director of Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, who is involved in many U.S.-Japan relationships, such as this coming Olympics. I strive to become like her. She wears many hats and thus, flies from the States to Japan frequently! I asked her how she handles her jetlag and she calmly told me that your body gets used to it. Incredible!

In addition, I met the USJETAA Executive Director Bahia Simons-Lane, who had recently visited Seiritsu Gakuen with Noyuri Ishikawa, the Youth Outreach Program Coordinator from the U.S. Embassy. We were so immersed in our conversation about study abroad for Japanese students, its declining rates, its barriers, ways to overcome them, and more that they spent an hour extra at our Seiritsu Global Center! Due to hunger pangs, we ended the meeting, but we enjoyed sharing the resources we had.

20190312 Teresa blog3.png

I really enjoyed the opportunities I had to meet with these powerful leaders. I felt really inspired with what they have done and are doing for the U.S. and Japan.

March 9, 2019

Kindergarten Graduation

Our kindergarten is having their graduation ceremony today.
Our International department is active with the kindergarten as we teach both English and karate to the students.

Over the last few years a few of our kindergarten graduates have been joining our junior high school. I wonder who will be joining us in the future?

20190309 kindergrad.jpg

March 7, 2019

William enjoys fun volleyball day at school after school final exams

In this term, our grade 2 held an interesting ball sports festival, to celebrate finishing our final exams. All the students went to a gym in Kaminakazato, which is a few stops on the train from our school.
According to the plan, we were supposed play volleyball and basketball, but unfortunately that there was no time for basketball in the end.
Although we couldn't play basketball, the volleyball play really satisfied us a lot. I lost two of my tournaments, but the matches were still unbelievably enjoyable.
One team in my class was champion of volleyball, so my class was very fortunate. We got some presents from my school, such as soft drinks and donuts.
If there is another chance, I'd like to attend this ball sports festival again.

20190307 William blog1.jpg

March 6, 2019

Sophia looks back on the school year

Today was the last full day of school for this school year. I'm really glad I was put into the class I was in. The students are really friendly and I was able to make many friends. Although I am a little sad about class changes and being separated from the friends I made, I am sure I won't forget the memories I made with them. I am really grateful for the friends I made, because they helped me with everything I didn't understand and know how to do. They helped me adjust to the Japanese school life a lot faster than I thought I would have. I am excited to see what my new class will be like.

20190307 Sophia blog1.jpg

March 5, 2019

Scarlett's first graduation ceremony

As it is my first year at Seiritsu, it was the first time I have experienced high school graduation. In the UK we do not have a ceremony for high school graduation, we only have this when we graduate university. Because of this, I did not know what to expect.

It was amazing to see all the parents and teachers dressed up. My favorite part of the day was watching all the students leave their homeroom and walk down the corridor by SGC (our office) being greeted by the first and second years. It was so cute to see the students giving their senpai presents and flowers and seeing them leave the school for the final time.

It was an emotional day for everyone and I wish all the graduating students the best of luck in the future!

20190305 Scarlett March blog1.jpg

March 4, 2019

Gaoussou says goodbye to the 3rd year students

Last Sunday we held the ceremony for third grade high school students. It was a chance for them to say goodbye to their teachers and to the second graders. There was a lot of emotion between students and teachers. I personally wish all the graduating students the best of luck in the future. Omedetou!

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