September 5, 2014

Jeremy's Summer Break Web Post

Hey, Jezza here;

The summer holidays for me were a time of fun, exciting new experiences and chance to relax for a few days. Throughout these Holidays there was some special events like Inter High as well as fun activities and my trip to Mt Fuji.

As the holidays commenced Inter High drew ever closer to beginning in the Yamanashi prefecture. Our first game was against Takagawa gakuen, and unfortunately couldn't capitalize on some easy chances and a defensive error at the start of the game lead to Takagawa scoring which we never recovered from. Otherwise it was a good experience to see what the top level of high school football is.

As the holidays started to come to an end all the first years went to a water park for the whole day as yearly activity with all other first years.
It was a good bonding session for everyone and it was very enjoyable.

Finally, as school was starting I was lucky enough to visit Mt Fuji for two days with permission from my coach and teachers. It was an amazing site; Mt Fuji and everything around it had a great sense of subtlety. It was my final chance to really relax and take in how beautiful it was at lake Kawaguchiko!

Overall these holidays had some surprises and interesting moments and I loved every minute of it!


September 5, 2014

Connor's Summer Break Blog Post

Hi all, Connor here;

Our first semester of Year 2 came to an end and it was time for Summer holidays, which is more accurately described as a 5 week training camp for the Athlete clubs.

Like all other sports athletes, Connor also went to support his Baseball classmates in their attempt to make the Summer All Japan High School Champs (Koshien) this year).

Similar to last year, the first weeks of Summer training concentrated on the Inter High tournament and training sessions were usually very intense with a large focus on playing the 'Seiritz' way: trying to keep the ball away from the opposition effectively and being decisive and sharp in attack.

On the 2nd of August the first round of the Inter High kicked off and Seiritsu were faced Takagawa High school from Yamaguchi Prefecture. The game itself was slightly disappointing from Seiritsu's viewpoint as we were unable to capitalise on the chances we created. Unfortunately the opposition scored a swift counter attacking goal and chose to defend their lead for most of the game. Although the game did not go our way it was a good experience to be in and amongst the top high schools throughout Japan where we also learnt a lot.

Fortunately, after the first few weeks of summer training had passed we were afforded a short but much needed 2 day break which I took to go to Osaka to visit my Grandmother and Aunty. During the visit the weather took a turn for the worse and it rained constantly which meant most of the things I did were indoors, such as shopping and eating okonomiyaki. It was an enjoyable visit and was a welcome change in the busy summer schedule.


Mid-way through August we headed off to a seven day camp which included 2 tournaments and traveling through various prefectures. The first three days we were based in a nice hotel in Shizuoka where we competed in a tournament against various J-league and strong high school clubs. Having only recently come back from injury I was used sparingly in the first few games but gradually increased my workload by the end of the first tournament. For our second tournament we traveled upwards towards Hasaki where all Seiritsu 2nd Year soccer students competed in the U-17 Ocean cup. I was able to regain my starting place during the tournament and out of 20 teams we placed 4th, although we were unable to win the tournament it was tiring but thoroughly enjoyable.


For the last week of holidays the schedule eased off slightly. During this time my father was able to come to Japan and visit me for a few days. Together we traveled around Tokyo visiting various nice restaurants and also sights such as Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya. It was great seeing family again after a long while albeit only for a short time.

July 16, 2014

Visiting Seiritsu

We won't be holding our Japan Experience this year but we are always accepting individuals and groups for short term visits. Whether you are staying for one week or for one year, if you are a junior or senior high student, or if you have just graduated, we can try and find a way to provide you with a bunch of exciting experiences in and around Tokyo.

If you are a school or sports group and you will be stopping in Tokyo, why don't you consider adding in some time here?

Send us a quick email and ask. You could be our next guest!

July 10, 2014

International Students visit the Imperial grounds

On Wednesday July 9th the International Department went on a day excursion to visit the imperial grounds in central Tokyo.


Although we could not visit the new palace, the public grounds and gardens were accessible, and the students enjoyed learning about the history of the area, from its formation by the shogun Tokugawa in the Edo period, to the changes brought about by the Meiji Restoration era, through to its modern-day appearance.


The students were also told about the famous "Ako incident": a deadly feud between a lord and court official that turned into a celebrated tale of loyalty and revenge, and was the inspiration behind the recent Keanu Reeves film "47 Ronin". The scene of the confrontation that started it all is commemorated with a stone marker.


After the grounds, we also walked to the nearby Nippon Budokan, the spiritual hub for Traditional Japanese martial arts, and the controversial Yasukuni shrine, where we saw preparations for the coming summer festivals taking place.

source: - Photos of the shrine are under tight control.

Although the weather was again disappointing, everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed taking some time from school to learn more about the city.

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

July 4, 2014

Good luck on the JLPT!

Getting Ready for the JLPT

Here are a few tips for making sure you are ready to take the JLPT.

Time and Location

Be ready. Get there early. Confirm the location and times. Check train times and transfers. How far is it from the train station?

If you can, visit the location beforehand. You wouldn't want to waste your little spare time before the test wandering around lost (or looking for a bathroom).

Bringing stuff

What do you need to bring? What do they tell you to bring? What do you personally need? I always want a coffee beforehand... Maybe you want another kind of drink or a little snack?

Does the testing location have what you want or need? Should you pack it extra?

Do you have spare items (phone charger, pencil and pencil sharpener, etc)? How about things like… Tissues?! A handkerchief?!


You should have versatile clothes. The weather for the next test could be scorching hot or totally wet (it is rainy season after all). What if the air conditioner is on full blast and you are directly under it? Or what if it doesn't reach you? Do you need an umbrella?

Mental prep

Don't stay up all night cramming. Your performance will typically suffer from cramming (a quick internet search will confirm this...).
Get a good rest. Have a good breakfast.

There are many more tips we could include here. We will add to them next time.


June 30, 2014

Jeremy's family visit web post

Hey Jezza here!

Last week was quite an exciting and enjoyable one for me. I saw my family and Seiritz played the final of the Inter High qualifiers. It was fantastic!


Last Wednesday, my family arrived in Japan and throughout the week we had many fun outings; going to Shinjuku sports shop, having a nice lunch/dinner as well as watching some training for the Inter High qualifier games.


Towards the end of the visit on the weekend my sister (Ellie) and dad (Scott) came to watch the two matches, where we won the first and narrowly lost the second. Both games were good to watch and to "see the level that the school is at" as dad explained to me.


At the end of this great week my sister also trained with the girls soccer program and had a great time.


Overall the week was great because I saw my family as well as spent some valuable time with them which is quite rare in my case.

Couldn't have gone better!


June 27, 2014

Seiritsu Soccer Club Qualify for Inter High!

Seiritsu's boys soccer club has qualified for the national Inter High sports championships for the second time running, beating Kokushikan High School 1-0 in a thrilling Tokyo city semi final, held on June 22.


The Inter High championships is one of the most prestigious events in Japan's high school sporting calendar, where various sporting disciplines are represented by each prefecture's top high school representatives. It can be thought of as a sort of mini-olympics.


Although Seiritsu lost to Komazawa Daigaku High School 2-1 in the Tokyo city final the following day, we can look forward to competing with Japan's best next month.



This year the ten-day-long event will be held in Yamanashi prefecture from August 2nd, where Seiritsu's first opponents will be Yamaguchi prefecture's Takagawa Gakuen.

Ganbaro! Good luck!

June 25, 2014

Seiritsu Karate Club - Good luck, final year students!

On June 15th Seiritsu's karate club entered into the Inter High Tokyo area qualifiers. Everyone tried really hard, and managed to progress more than in previous tournaments, well done!


However, only the very top finalists are able to carry on and represent Tokyo at Inter High, and Nitsurugaoka, Teikyo, Setagaya and Hosei High Schools between them occupied all the qualifying spots. Congratulations!

This tournament marks the end of the current third year high school students' karate club career, as now they must 'retire' to start the hard work of preparing for university entrance exams. We wish them all the best luck in their endeavors.


To everyone else, Otsukaresamadeshita! (Good job, you worked hard!) Now you have to prepare for the summer camp!

June 18, 2014

Connor's June Blog Post

Connor here,

After another long and hard week of exams had ended, the next major event on the Seiritsu calendar was the annual sports festival. The event was scheduled for the 11th of June at the Washimiya Ground (this is where the sports programme athletes live and train). In preparation for the day, many classes began practicing very early but being part of the athlete program my class had little time to go over our events due to our Football training. so our preparation for the event was lacking. As June 11th approached there were question marks on whether or not the event would go ahead as the Rainy season had just hit the country and there were days of continuous rain in the lead up to the 11th.


However, finally the day arrived, albeit under a sky that looked like it could rain any second, and the events were underway. The second years' event was the 'Bo (pole) pulling', which involved two teams lying on their stomachs at each end of the sports field with a number of bamboo Bo laid out in the middle, the teams would then run to the middle and bring back as many bows as possible. My class 2A, eased through the first few games and qualified for the final in a convincing manner with our opponents being the other athlete class 2B. Unfortunately, with some confusion with the starting gun my class was slow out of the blocks and failed to win.


Apart from the loss in the final, the day was incredibly enjoyable with the athletes all uniting as one and singing songs to boost everyone's spirits in the less-than-nice weather!


June 17, 2014

Jeremy's June web post

Hey, Jezza here!

Just updating you guys on what I've been up to lately and how this last month or so has gone for me.

First of all everything is fitting into place and is starting to run smoothly for me. Life for me is becoming easier as the days go by yet at the same time challenging. I couldn't be happier!


This month I also experienced a whole weekend of training in Shizuoka with my team, and was able to see Mount Fuji from my room.It was so interesting and enjoyable, I wish I could go back and do it all over again!


Jeremy :)



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