Seiritsu’s international education programs

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Experience Seiritsu

Foreign school visits (1 day+)
Foreign school groups, or even individual students, are welcome to visit Seiritsu anytime.
Depending upon what visitors are interested in, we can make arrangements for a school tour, special cultural classes, participation in our sports clubs and even sometimes home stays.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Short-term programs (10 day+)
Foreign students may be interested to spend several weeks at Seiritsu, sitting in on classes taught in English and in Japanese, plus learning the Japanese language with our international students. Foreign students may also participate in one of the school’s club practices. Seiritsu has many clubs and they meet almost every day. The choices range from martial arts clubs (karate, judo & kendo), to sports clubs (soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, etc) to cultural clubs (Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, art, music, etc).

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing a short-term program.

Credit Course

Long-term programs (3 years)
To acquire academic credits in the Japanese education system towards a Japanese high school diploma, students need to spend the majority of their time in the regular Japanese classes. Language learning is a large component of the first year.

There are non-credit classes taught in English including Beginner Japanese language, Japanese history, Japanese Geography and High Level English. We also offer specific homerooms for the international students so we can check in with them on a regular basis, go over important topics about being an international student in Japan (safety issues, study habits, homesickness awareness, counseling, etc) while we also help students continue to improve their English abilities through essay writing, debates and presentations.

The school’s soccer and basketball clubs, run by full-time professional coaches, normally have several international students each year. These students attend regular practices everyday and if they try hard, make the regular team squads to compete often, something they might have been unable to do in their home countries with the same frequency.

Other long-term international students have been interested in the school’s martial arts clubs (karate, kendo, judo, aikido) because they are able to practice frequently with one or more of the clubs, as well as compete in local tournaments and ranking tests.