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June 22, 2016

JET teacher Teresa Talks about lesson planning!

To everyone teaching students either in classrooms or in a less rigid setting;

We all know organization is key. Organizing yourself and your many class materials is hard, but when you combine the busy schedules of many JTEs (Japanese Teacher of English) into the mix, keeping in touch to confirm lesson structures can be a challenge

To help calm the fire, Google drive and many, many online folders are your friends!!

We all know communication is key for all relationships: lovers, family, friends, and yes, even your JTEs.

Now, how do we do this? With Google Drive!

Instead of creating documents that only I could edit on my laptop, I create and share Google documents so that my JTE coworkers can help manage and plan our shared classes. On those Google documents, we could add comments as well.

I use Google Drive, but if your office has a shared cabinet [or other cloud networking function - PW] on your computer, you can use that too!

If you are a young JET or ALT struggling with class management and planning, please give this a try to share responsibilities between teachers.

Happy planning, educators of the world!

Teresa Fong
JET Assistant Language Teacher