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November 28, 2014

Connor's November Blog Post

Hello, Connor here;

Compared to October, November was a fairly relaxed month. Tests were over and the football club was in a period of transition having seen off the third years at the end of October.


With the Third year football students now gone the usual routine has changed up a bit, training is no longer separated into team or year groups we are now all training together under the coaching of all 4 staff members. This has resulted in an 'every man for himself' situation because everyone is trying to put their best foot forward in order to get into the A team.


Our first competitive match also came this month and our opponents were Toritsu Ueno. I was able to get a place in the starting line up at left back and the team cruised to a emphatic 6-0 win.


From a school point of view things are moving on quite well, I feel my speaking and writing skills are continually improving due to being in such an immersive environment. Also this term I have been able to focus on improving some of the language skills which are not on the JLPTest as I am not taking it this December.

Until next month,