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November 24, 2015

Meg's potato picking experience!

Meg here!

On November 12 we went to do Imohori, potato picking in English .

First I waited for Emilie and Melissa at Akabane station and then we went together to Higashi Washinomiya.

When we got there we met with our classmates and changed our clothes. Then we went to the hatake (field) to get imo (poatatoes). We dug for sweet potatoes and then normal potatoes first.
I did Imohori with my friend Julia.


While we we were digging there were worms and a lot of other insects.The boys were playing with the insects by throwing them at the girls.


Then I counted the potatoes and separated them up with Julia. We got so many potatoes, we used 6 plastic bags to take them all home!
After digging we had Curry. In the curry there were potatoes, and the rice for the curry is the rice that we harvested at inekari (rice harvesting) during last term.


After everything finished we went back to Washinomiya station and headed to Ikebukuro .
First we took purikuras at round one (a famous amusement chain with arcades and bowling alleys, etc) and after that we hung out at Ikebukuro .