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July 19, 2015

Seiritsu's ID students train for Hazards!

Although most of our international students aim to take the Japanese term exam tests just like their Japanese home room peers, those still learning the language have the opportunity to go on School excursions with the International Department.

So, while Connor, Marina and Sora were trying their best with the Term 2 exams on July 9, Brent and Peter took students Tai, Jeremy and Meg (a Japanese returnee born in Canada) to the ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center. There we learned about the great Kanto-Tohoku disaster of March 11, 2011, and also what we can do to ensure our maximum safety in Fire and earthquake emergencies.

We experienced putting out fires, crawling through smokey corridors...


...and the high level of a level 7 Shindo (Japanese measurement based on sensation) earthquake in a simulator.



Also, a News station TBS was filming in the center that day too, and so Seiritsu staff and students were filmed and interviewed for their evening programme NStar!

We hope to have footage of this soon, and will post it if we get a chance.

However, all students agreed that going to the Life Safety Center was an invaluable experience.


Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator