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September 5, 2014

Jeremy's Summer Break Web Post

Hey, Jezza here;

The summer holidays for me were a time of fun, exciting new experiences and chance to relax for a few days. Throughout these Holidays there was some special events like Inter High as well as fun activities and my trip to Mt Fuji.

As the holidays commenced Inter High drew ever closer to beginning in the Yamanashi prefecture. Our first game was against Takagawa gakuen, and unfortunately couldn't capitalize on some easy chances and a defensive error at the start of the game lead to Takagawa scoring which we never recovered from. Otherwise it was a good experience to see what the top level of high school football is.

As the holidays started to come to an end all the first years went to a water park for the whole day as yearly activity with all other first years.
It was a good bonding session for everyone and it was very enjoyable.

Finally, as school was starting I was lucky enough to visit Mt Fuji for two days with permission from my coach and teachers. It was an amazing site; Mt Fuji and everything around it had a great sense of subtlety. It was my final chance to really relax and take in how beautiful it was at lake Kawaguchiko!

Overall these holidays had some surprises and interesting moments and I loved every minute of it!