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November 25, 2014

Seiritsu Karate Club - Kita Ku Tournament

Seiritsu karate club scored five top 3 standings and many good performances in other areas in the annual Kita Ku karate tournament, held at Takinogawa Sports Center on November 24.


For some of the karate club members, it was their first time competing at a public event, and only their second time competing at all after the newcomers' high school tournament earlier this month, so it was really great to see some development with both their kata (patterns) and kumite (sparring).

For the high school sections, both Seiritsu and Teikyo High school put in a large group and so they were both our main adversaries and a good test for our students.


Our kata results were better than our kumite, with the boys getting two third-place standings and one 'strong competitor' award, and the girls also getting two third-place standings. Teikyo proved to be very strong in kumite this year, but 1st year student Matsuda Yuta still managed to get a third-place ranking.

Seiritsu OB Kogawa Shun, who graduated last year, collected the 'competitor of the tournament' prize, after winning the senior division kata and winning silver for the senior kumite. Congratulations, Shun!


Although it was a smaller tournament than others held in Tokyo, it was great for Seiritsu to take part in the community, as well for our beginner club members to get some valuable experience and our more experienced members to test themselves.


Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator (and Karate Club Coach)