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January 19, 2023

Olivia is Under Pressure

I recently enjoyed a drive over to Ryu-Q Kan, or Metropolitan Outer Area Underground Discharge Channel, in Saitama.

Notable for being the largest flood diversion facility in the world, the inside of the pressure-adjusting water tank is a huge expansive space filled with 59 huge pillars that combat the upwards pressure of the water flowing through. It looks like a dystopian cathedral and being able to walk through it was an incredibly unique experience! I learned a lot and was a lot more impressed with this feat of civil engineering than I had thought I would be!

I would highly recommend the trip out to Saitama to see this. It's a very different way to spend a day and gives you a good insight into the work that goes into keeping the surrounding area safe from floods.

Enjoy a trip over the next time there's a rainy day and you're feeling curious!