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February 4, 2016

Mel goes on the Seiritsu Ski trip!

Hello! Mel here!

On January 31st us 1st years at Seiritsu all went on a trip to Nagano prefecture to go skiing!


First we all met near school where our buses came to pick us up! As so many students went on the trip so there were 9 buses in total! The bus journey was about 5 and a half hours which suprised me because Nagano prefecture looks so close to Tokyo on the map!



When we arrived we ate curry rice and got all are ski gear ready! My ski group was really nice because I was in the intermediate course and so the skiing was not too hard or too easy and quite relaxing! I was also in the same group as some girls from my class so we all got along really well! Our ski instructor also let us have a snowball fight by the side of the ski slope and so much snow went inside my ski boots and scarf so I think that's probably how I caught my cold..


Overall the ski trip was so much fun and I wish it had been longer than 3 days! It really amazed me how different the scenery was compared to Tokyo and it was nice to escape the big neon buildings for a while and look at the snowy forests!