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April 11, 2014

Student Post: Connor's Spring Holiday

Hello everyone, Connor here;


After another term of school, all of the students were eager to finally get a long break! But, there was no sun bathing on beaches or sleeping in for the students involved in the football club. The start of the holidays meant more time for football and that's exactly what I did, either training or playing a game for 6 days of the week.


On top of all our training, our team attended a training and game camp at the end of March in Yamanashi-ken here we played a total of 5 games over 3 days. Out of the five games Seiritsu won 4, only losing to Yamanashi University. All in all, the camp was another good experience where i was able to meet and play against players from all over Japan and also improve as a player.


Although soccer took up the majority of my time during Spring break I was still able to go out and see some of the unique things Japan has on offer and spend time with my mother who was visiting from Australia! Over the short period that she was here we went and saw the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku and dined in a fine Italian restaurant in Yotsuya.

Overall, it was quite a great Spring break getting to do the things I enjoy most and being able to see my family. But, now with the school year already upon us it is time for me to improve my Japanese and my all-round academic progress!