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April 15, 2021

Health checks - Day one

At the start of every school year we hold health checks for students and teachers. The first days are for the students. Today we have our 3rd grade seniors in the morning and then the 2nd graders in the afternoon.

There are about 10 "stations", including height and weight and vision stations, that they must get checked at. (Here is Tan who is about to be measured for his height.)

20210415 hc1.JPG

While they wait, they can chat quietly with their friends. (Vicky and Yuka and some of their friends posed for us.)

20210415 hc2.JPG

Ryu and Yin also took a second to pose for pictures.

20210415 hc4.JPG

20210415 hc3.JPG

It is a nice easy day for the students.