July 12, 2018

Doing some Aikido

Once again, thanks to the GoGo Nihon group, we were lucky to have a group of students from all over the world visit our school this afternoon. Nine students from seven different countries (Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Estonia, Mexico and the USA) came and visited us and took part in an Aikido class.


The foreign students seemed to enjoy the lesson and so did our students in the aikido club. Getting our Japanese students to come out of their shells and interact with our foreign guests is a major goal of our department.

In fact, when a few shy girls hesitated to explain a technique to our guests (because they could not say it in English) our new coordinator, JC, pointed out to them that the oldest person in the room (one of the Aikido masters) was speaking no English but communicating with everybody very well, they took a step out and tried.

It is always nice to drive home the fact that words and grammar are only a small part of communication.


We look forward to having another group from GoGo Nihon again.



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