July 21, 2018

Rebecca's Term 2 blog

We have the new international room!!! It is called the SGC (Seiritsu Global Center)! There are a lot of books to read and there also have a self-study space for you to study. The teachers are working in the teachers’ area in the room, if you have any questions about English and studying abroad,you can ask them at once. We all like this room very much. The English Club will also held in this room from September. By the way, I was elected to be the president of English Club! I will try my best !

The most exciting school activity is the School Trip! I went to Hokkaido for my school trip. We went there for a week and visited Hakodate, Otaru, Sapporo and Furano. We enjoyed the food such as seafood don, milk ice cream and ramen.

We also enjoyed the activities and the beautiful scenery there. I tried many new things that I have never experienced before. My favorite was rafting and the baseball game.

We experienced rafting in a river called Sorachi River. Rafting is a sport that goes down rows of torrents by combining power with friends on a large rubber boat. Before we rowed into the river, the teacher taught us how to row the boat. I was scared at first but it became so interesting! We enjoyed it very much! Every time we went through a challenge point, we raised our paddles altogether and cheered. We had so much fun!

The other great activity was watching the baseball game. It was the first time for me to watch a baseball game and also the first time for me to be in a dome. I was so happy and excited. At first I was worried because I only know little about the rules, but there was no need for worry. All we needed was to watch the screen and say the words to support the team and the players in a loud voice with the people around us. We clapped our hands and shouted with the fans. There were also bands playing music. Our team hit two home runs and all the people went crazy! It was such a precious experience and I had so much fun!!!!!




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