September 4, 2018

Todd's summer in Australia

I am happy to be back here in Japan, doing what I love to do (soccer).
Over the summer I spent my time in Melbourne, Australia recovering from injury, seeing old friends and spending time with my family.


I am looking forward to being able to play soccer again with all the guys at Seiritsu.
I am not the biggest fan of the hot weather but it will no doubt help me condition myself and improve my soccer game.


While I was in Australia, I met up with a lot of my old school friends around Melbourne. Some of my family also came over from Adelaide and saw be before I returned to Japan.
After my injury I completely changed my running style which took which felt like forever but it has helped me so much with my recovery and starting to get fit again. Now that I am back I am looking forward to meeting new people and making some friends around the school.
I will try my best to talk to everyone in Japanese but I can't make any promises that it will be good Japanese.



about Seiritsu

Seiritsu Gakuen is a private co-educational high school created in 1925 and it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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