April 27, 2019

Homestay Explanation meeting

The new year has started and therefore so do all of the different programs.

Today is the first explanation meeting for the homestay program. For anyone interested in the program and considering joining it, they can come hear the talk today. There will be at least one more session. It is usually held sometime in May or June. This year the second session will be held on June 8th.

20190427 homestay.jpg

For most explanation meetings, we give the outline of the program and we show a short video taken from actual experiences. We also ask some students to talk about their experience.

There are videos on our main Japanese website taken from the actual trips. These videos are longer and show a lot more of what happens. But they do not have any footage from when the kids are with the families and/or on their own - away from the teachers. This is one reason why we get the students to come speak.

(It's the same for the international program for our visiting students. The pictures and videos only show a tiny little bit of what they experience.)

These exchanges are so valuable. They are unique experiences and can truly be life changing. It's so much fun being involved with these programs.



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