April 20, 2019

Introducing Viki

My name is Vicky Morita. I am 16 years old and a first year high school student at Seiritsu Gakuen. I am from Davis, California and I moved to Japan for family matters. I came to this school to play soccer and to improve my Japanese. I have 2 older brothers and a younger sister.
For the first week of school, I was trying to get used to all the rules at this school and making friends. Everyone in my class were really kind and friendly which helped me not be shy because at first I was scared to talk to them with my bad Japanese. We had orientation for the first 5 days of school. They toured us around the school, we did a class jump rope competition, and sang the school song with my class, which was hard to memorize but really fun. It's only been a month since I moved here and I am not completely settled in yet, but I am super excited to be at this school to make more friends, play soccer, and to improve my Japanese.

20190420 Vikcy intro blog 2.jpg

20190420 Vikcy intro blog.jpg



about Seiritsu

Seiritsu Gakuen is a private co-educational high school created in 1925 and it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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