September 24, 2019

Skylar comes to school!

Hello, my name is Skylar! I am an international student here at Seiritsu for this semester!

I have been here for about 3 weeks in Japan so far and I am enjoying everything a lot! After school I pass through many stations such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shimo-Kitazawa and with my train card, I can get off at any of them for free! I've been able to shop after school and it allows me to discover new places all the time. One of my favorite things I've been doing so far is hunting down cool ガシャポン (gashapon) which are capsule toys that you can find in many big cities, malls, and even inside some popular restaurants! They also have a lot more than toys! Sometimes they have small pouches for pencils, small lights, or even in a recent one I got a mini fan!

This past Wednesday was the 稲刈り (rice harvesting) at school! It was so fun to be with my classmates outside of the classroom environment and I had tons of fun cutting the rice which we are going to be selling in the school festival! After the 稲刈り I went to a cafe with my friend and we got bubble tea! Right now bubble tea (タピオカ) is super popular in Japan! You can find it anywhere and it seems if it isn't a cafe devoted to selling bubble tea, that many other restaurants have picked up on the trend and sell some bubble tea! You can even find タピオカ candies in convenience stores or find bubble tea inside vending machines.

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