September 25, 2019

Say hello to Kyle!

My name is Kyle Tang. I'm 17 years old. I'm in my first year at SEIRITSU GAKUEN. I joined the basketball team in my school because I like basketball very much.I think that playing basketball is such a cool thing to do. I hope to improve my playings skills while here.
I from China.I have lived in Japan for two years.Japanese people are very kind. My classmates are too.I want to make more Japanese friends.
If we go out to eat together, I want to say, I like beef best. But I don't like spicy food.^_~
Let's make friends!

20190925 Kyle Tang.jpg



about Seiritsu

Seiritsu Gakuen is a private co-educational high school created in 1925 and it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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