September 20, 2019

Teresa and friends harvest rice.

Rice Cutting

Every year, first years in Seiritsu get to have an amazing opportunity to get back to nature and understand a small part of the difficulty farmers experience. We went to Saitama to cut some of the rice we planted, a process we call inekari or 稲刈り.

Like always, it was a marvelous experience. You have a chance to bond with friends outside the classroom, scream in delight as your shoes get stuck in mud, and harvest rice for the school festival; we use the rice to make mochi!

The pictures below tells the story better than I can.

20190920 Teresa inekar blog 1.jpg

20190920 Teresa inekari blog 4.jpg

20190920 Teresa inekari blog 2.jpg

20190920 Teresa inekari blog 3.jpg

20190920 Teresa inekari blog 5.jpg



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