October 26, 2019

Faith: the long awaited sequel

Hello again! Life here in Japan has remained as hectic as ever. While everyday continues to be a new adventure, I have definitely settled into the Japanese high school life. Traveling via trains has become a daily norm as well as stopping by a conbini to pick up lunch. I've been all over Tokyo with my friends here at Seiritsu which has been one of the best parts of my trip. One of my favorite memories of this past month was Halloween night in Shibuya. Our group of exchange students were able to go through Shibuya crossing on Halloween and it was absolutely insane. The streets were packed with people and you could barely move. It was definitely a tough time getting out and back home but it was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I also got a chance to visit the cafe of one of my favorite artists, Takashi Murakami. All of the food and decor was based on his art. Themed cafes in Japan are some of my favorite places to visit. All the different subcultures are so fun to explore and learn about through such cafes.

It seems the fun might never end. I continue to look forward to remainder of my time here in Japan and can't wait to have many more amazing adventures!

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20191121 Faith 3.jpg

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