October 18, 2019

Mona's impressions of the last few weeks.

The last month and a half in Japan has been wonderful. So many things has happened. In only the last couple of weeks, I've been to a festival at my local Shinto shrine, Disney Sea, and Kamakura. The highlight of my time here though was definitely the school festival.

The week leading up to the festival, classes were cancelled on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so everyone had time to decorate the classrooms. For the festival, my homeroom created a Mario themed game. It was really fun! We had a maze and games such a bowling and whack the mole. The food was also pretty good. The second year classes, instead of creating games handled the food booths. They sold items such as churros, ice cream floats, and fried chicken.

Overall, Japan has been amazing. I've made so many great memories with my friends!

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