October 4, 2019

Teresa rides out the storm

As you may have seen in the news, Typhoon Hagibus (Typhoon no. 19) hit Japan on Saturday, October 16th, right in the middle of a 3-day weekend.

This caused many delays, but for the safety of the people, it was necessary to shut down the entire train system in preparation for the huge storm.

20191109 Teresa blog 1.jpg

Speaking of preparation for the storm, people went out in hordes to stock up their pantry. Non-perishable items like ramen quickly sold out. Of course, the more expensive items were left behind.

20191109 Teresa blog 2.jpg

As the storm started to arrive, so did the grey skies. It was hard to brighten up the scene even if there was a neon pink house right in front of your eyes.

20191109 Teresa blog 3.jpg

The aftermath of the storm was disheartening. Some areas were flooded and some areas were safe. Luckily, the worst my neighborhood faced was a slightly sloppier rice paddy.

20191109 Teresa blog 4.jpg

Japan is still clearing out the mess the typhoon brought on. Let's hope the sky remains clear and support the clean-up however you can.



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