October 25, 2019

Todd continues to improve his condition

Over the summer holidays we trained really hard every day, despite the heat and humidity. We had a tournament West near Mt. Fuji which was a great experience and everyone played really well.
I am starting to feel a lot fitter and it's really good to be back playing regular football every day. I am now starting to work harder than I ever have and am aiming high for the next few months leading into winter.
My run time has gone down from 14mins 30seconds to an average of 11mins. I still need to cut around 20 seconds off to get in the cut off time of 10mins 40seconds.
I am in the bottom team unfortunately but I am working my hardest to get fitter and better and start moving up the teams and improve.
I had 2 weeks where I went home to Australia as well to see my Mum and family. It was also the period of my 18th birthday which worked out well.

I'm looking forward to the next few months here at Seiritsu with soccer.

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