February 12, 2013

Chase's February web post

Chase Here,

This past month has been a large change for the international group of the school, because all of the other international students have left now except for me. This is not a bad thing though, as now I am interacting with the Japanese students more and have been doing more things outside of school with my Japanese friends.

With my homes stay and a group of friends, I went to Ueno Zoo for the day. It was my second time going as I went with my mother and little brother when they were here for the winter break. This time was a little different however because it is starting to get warmer, so more animals were out and I got to see some that I missed the first time.

I really enjoyed seeing the Ring tailed Lemurs as they were kept inside last time I went. They reminded me of an old nature television show I used to watch as a kid that starred a ring tailed lemur named Zaboomafu.


This month has had a lot of changes but I am still greatly enjoying my time here!




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