November 28, 2014

Connor's November Blog Post

Hello, Connor here;

Compared to October, November was a fairly relaxed month. Tests were over and the football club was in a period of transition having seen off the third years at the end of October.


With the Third year football students now gone the usual routine has changed up a bit, training is no longer separated into team or year groups we are now all training together under the coaching of all 4 staff members. This has resulted in an 'every man for himself' situation because everyone is trying to put their best foot forward in order to get into the A team.


Our first competitive match also came this month and our opponents were Toritsu Ueno. I was able to get a place in the starting line up at left back and the team cruised to a emphatic 6-0 win.


From a school point of view things are moving on quite well, I feel my speaking and writing skills are continually improving due to being in such an immersive environment. Also this term I have been able to focus on improving some of the language skills which are not on the JLPTest as I am not taking it this December.

Until next month,


November 28, 2014

November news from Jezza

Hey Jezza here,

November was a relatively busy month with preparations for the yearly tests and tournament games for soccer. However, a visit from a previous Seiritsu student brought the tension down to a more relaxed vibe.
Throughout the start of November it was mainly time for training and focusing on school. However mid way through month ex Seiritsu student Jason Davidson, who now is a pro at west brom currently in the premier league, dropped in for a quick interview and to discuss how he made it to where he is today. As well as Jason's appearance his dad Alan - who was an ex professional himself - came and I was lucky enough to talk to him for a fair while and he gave me some good advice and tips for me if I want to be a professional athlete.
Apart from Jason and his dad's visit towards the end of the month we had an important tournament which we were expected to proceed in however with a poor display leading to PKs - which we ended up losing - this wasn't to be true. With the unexpected loss, training from now on will be mainly physical based and something that a lot of the boys aren't looking forward to!
Also coming up shortly is our tests which we will sit from the 8th of December as well an excursion which will be something to look forward to. For me the tests will be history, Japanese and Japanese history as well as a selective test called JLPT.
Overall this month has had its ups and downs and one more set of tests to come but ultimately another good month!

November 28, 2014

New Seiritsu Gap Studies student - Welcome, Yukiko!

Hello! My name is Yukiko Reed and I’ll be attending Seiritsu Gakuen as a foreign exchange student for the next 2 months. I am 15 years old and I am from Sydney, Australia. Nice to meet you!


I came to Seiritsu to improve my Japanese skill and to experience the lifestyle and culture of Japan. So far my experience has been amazing, with extremely welcoming staff and students who embraced my arrival. It has only been a week since my first day, and I have already learnt many new and interesting things.


On my first weekend in Japan, my host family took me out to see some of the most astonishing places here including; the Tokyo tower, Asakusa market, Joypolis theme park and the town and bay of Yokohama.


I look forward to the following experience waiting for me in the next 2 months I am here!

Yuki is enrolled in the International Department's short term Gap Studies programme. Are you interested in Experiencing Japan and Seiritsu? Download an application form here!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

November 25, 2014

Seiritsu Karate Club - Kita Ku Tournament

Seiritsu karate club scored five top 3 standings and many good performances in other areas in the annual Kita Ku karate tournament, held at Takinogawa Sports Center on November 24.


For some of the karate club members, it was their first time competing at a public event, and only their second time competing at all after the newcomers' high school tournament earlier this month, so it was really great to see some development with both their kata (patterns) and kumite (sparring).

For the high school sections, both Seiritsu and Teikyo High school put in a large group and so they were both our main adversaries and a good test for our students.


Our kata results were better than our kumite, with the boys getting two third-place standings and one 'strong competitor' award, and the girls also getting two third-place standings. Teikyo proved to be very strong in kumite this year, but 1st year student Matsuda Yuta still managed to get a third-place ranking.

Seiritsu OB Kogawa Shun, who graduated last year, collected the 'competitor of the tournament' prize, after winning the senior division kata and winning silver for the senior kumite. Congratulations, Shun!


Although it was a smaller tournament than others held in Tokyo, it was great for Seiritsu to take part in the community, as well for our beginner club members to get some valuable experience and our more experienced members to test themselves.


Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator (and Karate Club Coach)

November 21, 2014

Jason Davidson's school visit

On Wednesday November 19th, after the international exhibition football match between Australia and Japan the previous evening, former Seiritsu soccer athlete and Aussie national team member Jason Davidson returned to the school to give an assembly to the athlete students and staff.



First, after refreshing his memory by walking the school corridors, Jason met all of his former coaches and some old classmates, along with Principal Fukuda.



Then it was the assembly proper, where he talked about his time at Seiritsu and beyond, and answered questions from the students.



After that, Jason's father, former pro footballer Alan Davidson, also gave a speech to the students. Jason then presented the shirt he wore at the 2014 World Cup match against Holland to Principal Fukuda.



The students then presented Jason with a gift of flowers and the Seiritsu scarf (to keep him warm on the frost English mornings, surely!).


Of course, everyone wanted to be in a photo with him, so the final fifteen minutes were spent with the students and staff, taking pictures and signing autographs, before Jason departed to the airport to travel straight back to the UK.






A big thank you to Alan Davidson and Ralph Barba, who helped make the event possible, and Good luck to Jason with his future endeavours.



Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

November 19, 2014

Seiritsu Soccer Athlete Ueda Yuki goes pro!

After shining throughout his school career and helping Seiritsu get to Inter High for two years running, Athlete Programme student and soccer club number 10 Ueda Yuki has been picked up by J2 league team Yokohama FC!


Congratulations Yuki!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

November 17, 2014

Former Seiritsu International Student Jason Davidson says thank you to Seiritsu!

Former Seiritsu Football club athlete Jason Davidson is one of the many success stories of Seiritsu school. Since being scouted and turning pro in January 2009, Jason's career has taken him back to his native Australia, Portugal, Holland and now England, where he plays in the world-famous English Premier League for West Bromwich Albion. Above this, he is also a regular in the Australian National football team, and featured in this year's World Cup in Brazil.


As part of the preparations for the Asia cup in January 2015, Australia and Japan arranged an exhibition match for November 18th; Jason was in the Australian squad, and back in Japan for the first time since leaving Seiritsu all those years ago. Because of this, Jason has taken the opportunity to come and say thank you to Seiritsu and its staff.



Jason's Journey was also being recorded for the Australian media; so on Friday November 14 and the following day the International Department met the filming crew to help orchestrate the interviews with The heads of school and Jason's old teachers.


Jason's old home stay father, Kamal Singh, provided excellent interpretation for the filming.

Jason himself will be coming to Seiritsu after his game against Japan on Tuesday night. Good luck!

November 6, 2014

Seiritsu Karate Club - Autumn Tournament Debuts!

The East Tokyo High School's autumn karate competition took place on November 2nd and 3rd.


Also known as the "newcomers" event, traditionally the autumn tournament is used to 'blood' the new members of the school karate clubs who started high school in April. The consecutive days of tournament action made it a tiring weekend, not least because of Seiritsu school hosting the team events!


For many of Seiritsu's entrants it was their first ever time competing, and some beginners did well even against some experienced competition!


The girls in particular had been practicing their kata really hard, and were rewarded with a top 3 finish in both team kata and team kumite. Well done!



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