September 25, 2016

JLPT time again

The JLPT is coming...Are you ready?

The registration period for the JLPT is underway again. You only have until Friday Sept 30th to register for the test being held on December 4,2016.

There are many ways to study for the test. If you have a preferred method or a suggestion for others, please leave a comment on the matching Facebook post on our Facebook fan page.


Good Luck!

September 24, 2016

Day One of Seiritsu Festival 2016


We are having our school festival this weekend. It is a lot of fun as always. School festivals in Japan can be quite inventive and creative. The students enjoy making the interesting rooms and themes for the variety of classrooms that they present to the public.


On top of displays involving their daily studies, many schools will have little shops that sell food and so they often find themes for the shops. Sometimes the themes match where they go on their school trips.


Sometimes it matches something from their lessons. And sometimes it's just something creative to draw interest from their fellow classmates and visitors.


With the rain happening all weekend many of our events that are typically held outside were moved inside. They did not have as much space as they normally would but it was still very exciting and everything ran smooth, like clockwork, and everyone is enjoying the event immensely.


Our students will put up some blog posts soon. They will probably talk a lot about the festival then so please check in again and read what the students have to say. Thank you!


September 21, 2016

School festival preparations

It's that time of year again.
All over Japan school festivals are being held. Students and teachers are busy preparing to welcome all the guests that will come and visit the school.


Classrooms will be decorated.


Displays will be created and set up.


Performances will be held. Presentations will be made.
Food will be prepared and sold. The students are excited.


The school festival is always a memorable event.
I am sure many great memories will be made again this year!
If you are nearby on the weekend, maybe you can drop by?


September 21, 2016

Meg's Summer

I went to a base ball game with my Sempai Mao .
We went there after school so we ran to the baseball stadium to get there in time before the game started. At the baseball stadium there were so many high school baseball players and a ceremony was about to start .

All of the baseball guys and the managers gathered up and got their school name called one by one.



Of, course I went there to see Seiritsu's baseball team.
They all lined up in a straight line and marched as their school names were called .
It was the first time for me to go to a baseball opening ceremony so I had a lot of fun and had a good experience .
On the way back to the station, I went back with my sempai Mao and with all of the baseball guys in Seiritsu .
I had a very nice day



September 20, 2016

Kindergarten Sports Day Preparations

The kindergarten students are getting ready for their sports day demonstrations.
It's amazing what else little 5 and 6 year old kids can do.


If you ever have a chance to visit a sports day for a kindergarten,I recommend you attend.

The kids (and parents) really get into the event.
And you might do so as well.


You can see the Kindergarten website here:

September 14, 2016

Emilie's summer: Melissa's Return Visit

In the beginning of August my friend Melissa came back to visit Japan from England.
Her and my friend and I had a sleep over at my house. We had so much fun. We did fireworks. We ate a lot of snacks. That was a good beginning to my summer.

I went to Miyagi with my dad, my cousin and Melissa my friend.
We were there for a week. We stayed in a hotel. We went to so many places.
(a beach, a festival, a forest ♡ )
I went to the country side of Chiba in Japan for my niece's birthday. We rented a house for one night and did some barbecue. We enjoyed the days in Chiba.


We also went to the beach going home.

Me and Melissa went to a festival near my house.
We had some ice cream and other food I don't remember XD We took so many pictures.



At the end of my summer break, me and my mom went to Seoul Korea for 5 days! I met my friend from Canada there. That is kind of why I went to Korea in the first place. We went to so many places. We ate so many Korean foods ♡ Korean fried chicken ♡


September 14, 2016

Gab's Summer Blog

Hey guys Gab again

This month has been very busy with something new everyday. This month was one of the more hotter months with everyday almost over 30 degrees. As well since everyone is on summer break, I was lucky enough to go on a 3 day soccer trip.The trip was really great with playing good football as well it was my first time playing soccer outside of Tokyo and the city.

During the 3 day trip all the boys stayed in a hotel near the ground, and the hotel had an ofuro (a Japanese bath - staff) so it was nice to go in after the games. After the trip not much difference - the same old with training everyday and that. After the trip I checked my weight and I had lost an significant 5 kilograms of weight haha. But all is good as I made sure to have more bowls of rice :) That is all for now.





September 8, 2016

Sally's Final Blog!

Hi!! It's Sally!!

I'm back in America and I have started college here but I miss my friends back in Japan so much!! TT^TT It's been 9 weeks and 3 days since I have returned (yes that exactly!!!) and sometimes my time in Japan feels like a dream!

There were so many things I experienced, so many things I saw and so many memories that I will cherish!!

While I was with Seiritsu, they were very accommodating. They planned 2 trips during my short stay: Edo museum and Kamakura where we went to a bunch of temples. After the museum, my friends from the international class went to Akihabara and we took Purikuras!! (I love purikuras so much~~~ A must do when you go to Japan!!) And at Kamakura, we also went to the near by beach and as a beach lover and an awesome weather lover I had to take my shoes off and frolick in the waves 😂😄 And of course one of the high lights of the day was the burger that I ate. It was my first actual burger while in Japan 😂










The teachers were also so very accommodating and were very easy going and chill as I was in and out of their classes 😄. It was also very cute how the students needed to take some time getting used to a new student appearing in and out of their classes XD. But all in all, everyone was so welcoming, loving and accepting that I hated saying good bye!

During my stay, my friends from my homeroom also took me to Asakusa. They took me to the famous shrine and then we went to have matcha ice cream at the famous store of 7 flavors of matcha ice cream! As for me I can't deal with bitterness so I got number 2 but Saki decided to get number 7!! (>o<) and of course a must have for me is strawberry ice cream which I got that as my second scoop <3 We fooled around in stores and took a bunch of pictures at Sky tree (basically acted like the tourist that I was) and I had a great time. 😊







I also ran into a bit of a trouble with my phone and data so thankfully Teresa sensei to the rescue~~~~ <3 She took me to two places (I forgot the names of the places...) where there were a lot of technology stores and helped me find a SIM card. Unfortunately, the SIM did not work for my cell phone (Galaxy S7) something about all the bands not matching up (-__-) I don't know but you can figure that I was pretty bummed. But Teresa sensei went the extra mile to cheer me up and oh my goodness!! HAVE YOU EVER HAD A GLAZED DONUT HEATED UP?? THEY ARE LIKE HEAVEN MELTING IN YOUR MOUTH!! But of course if you ask in New York, in a Dunkin Donuts to heat up a glazed donut they stare at you like a crazy person (trust me... I've tried) But great big kudos and praise to her for going the extra mile~~ <3 But that's just an example of what the sensei's are like in Seiritsu. From what I have experienced they want you to feel as comfortable as you can and are on the look out for you which I loved and was thankful for. <3

Also, when I came to Japan, my high school best friend who graduated with me moved back to Japan on the same week. And so... I went to Japan and I met up with her! We went to an onsen (another must do in Japan) and oh my goodness!! They gave us Yukatas and inside was just amazing. It was so relaxing and when I came out, I was baby butt smooth yo. I did have prior experience as a Korean in sauna's (the Korean version of onsens) but I think the only difference was the outdoor bath (which was so relaxing~~~) and that Japanese people went into rooms and paid to be exfoliated while it was just a culture thing for Koreans to exfoliate out in the open by themselves 😂




This trip, along with its ups and downs was one of the best trips ever. Going to Seiritsu, even if it was for a short stay was one of the best decisions I had ever fought for and made. There are so much I wish to tell and relay but sometimes it's best to go and see for yourself :) Last blog by yours trully <3

(To be very honest I am not used to this whole blog thing so :D I hope no one cringed XD)


September 2, 2016

JET teacher Laurence's Summer Blog Post!

Hello all! Laurence here.

While there’s always work to do at Seiritsu High School, summer is still the best time to go on vacation, and so I did! For a few weeks, I traded the humid, subtropical climate of Tokyo for the refreshing breeze of the St-Lawrence River in the province of Quebec, Canada.

I made sure to bring omiyage (souvenirs) for my family and friends, as JET teachers are not only ambassadors of their culture in Japan, but also of Japan back in their home country!

My time was shared between my family and my friends, as I wanted to see as many people as possible before leaving for another year. At my mom’s, we went to the Montreal biodome and shopping for clothes. I also slept a lot. The 14-hour jetlag hit me very hard.

At my dad’s, my daily activities were a bit unconventional as we were in charge of a blueberry field for the summer!

The field was well-cared for by my father throughout the year and as a result, we had an abundant harvest! The bushes grew so tall; we didn’t even have to bend down to pick the fruit (unless we wanted some of the sneakier ones).


Picking fruit for hours might not sound like something you would do while on vacation but trust me, it was so relaxing to listen to music, pick fruit, enjoy the nice weather and go back home to hearty home-cooked meal. And wherever we went, Biz followed without fail.


This is Biz. She likes sticks, people and long walks on the beach.

Before dinner, we often went to the beach. The region is also known for its beautiful sunsets.



I had an amazing time with my loved ones!


Coming back was a bit rough after that, especially because of the jetlag, but I love my life in Japan. I love my friends here, I love my job and I love my school. I now have one more shot at making most of the remaining time I have here. Let’s get started!

September 1, 2016

Teresa's August Blog Post!

Teresa here!

Time for my monthly update. Personally, I find August to be a month of new beginnings as I walked my first steps as a JET ALT this month last year. This gives me the perfect opportunity to make goals just as if it were the New Years.

I found from experience that I like to pile my plate with unreachable goals just like how I pile my plates in buffets. I have good intentions, but I either get nauseous from eating too much or nauseous from overworking myself. This month, I decided to take things slow. For example, I wanted to have an organized computer- as in a clean desktop with folders holding proper files that are named appropriately. I had about 567391 files on my desktop and 8937 2935 pictures, driving me insane each time I turned my computer on.

My life motto: take it easy.

Instead of spending the entire day trying to clean your computer, breathe and figure out the steps. This is the same for any other task, like studying for an exam. In fact, when you study for an exam, try to eat breakfast and drink a cup of water before starting. It will clear your head. I constantly tell my students this because you can smell their fears for exams miles away. Tackle the task each day and eat breakfast!

Thanks for tuning in! See y’all soon.



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