February 25, 2015

Chosen High School karate club works out with Seiritsu!

On Thursday February 19 three students from the nearby Korean school Chousen High School came with their karate coach Pak sensei to get a workout with Seiritsu's karate club!


Usually in Japan, school sports clubs organise friendly matches, called "renshuu jiai", to help their members get valuable experience outside of official events, and to keep good relationships with other schools. Although in this case we didn't actually have a proper bout practice, both Seiritsu and Chosen students certainly benefited from training with new people.

Thanks very much to Chousen High School for coming, and we are looking forward to training together again soon!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator / Karate Club Coach

February 16, 2015

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February 7, 2015

Connor's JanuaryBlog Post

Hi Connor here,

The start of 2015 started in Osaka for me at my Grandmother's and Aunty's house and it was refreshing to be out of the stresses and rigours of the football club's schedule and be able to spend time with family that I haven't seen in a while.


Having been to Osaka many times previously I didn't get up to too many tourist-y things and most of my time was spent eating delicious home cooked food and wandering around the small but busy towns around the area.


The highlight of the trip to Osaka was when I went to see the 3D mapping Illumination show which took place on and around the grounds of Osaka Castle it was amazing seeing something historic being combined with new technology to create something entertaining.


February 5, 2015

An amazing time

Yukiko's time at Seiritsu came to a close on Friday the 23rd. We asked Marina to interview Yukiko and get her feedback. We are including some of that interview here for people to read.

Marina (M): What was your most memorable experience?

Yukiko (Y): I was lucky and had quite a lot of really good experiences, but I’ve got to say the class party my class organised for me at the end was one of the most memorable experiences. Almost everyone in the class turned up to it and we had a really good time at an okonomiyaki restaurant!

M: What was your favourite class?

Y: My favourite class was definitely PE, where I got to involve myself the most with the activities we did. During my stay our class was focusing on basketball which I really enjoyed. It’s one of the few classes where you can really get to know your classmate and make new friends!

M: How did you fit into the class?

Y: I was really lucky to have a class which had many friendly people! Therefore I was able to fit in really well, and by the end of the trip I was extremely close to many of my classmates. I focused on being open to conversation and tried to talk to friends as much as I could.


M: What surprised you the most from this exchange?

Y: I was familiar with the Japanese style school from my experience at an international school; however I was surprised at the length of time the clubs go on for. I attended the tennis club and which started at 4 and went on until 8 each club day. That’s 4 hours per session which I was quite surprised by.

M: How was your home stay?

Y: My home stay was amazing! They were the kindest, most caring people, who made my time here so enjoyable! They took me out for sightseeing for example Mt.Fuji, Kamakura, Yokohama, etc. and made really delicious food each day! I’m really grateful I was able to stay with such a nice family!

M: What advice would you give to others?

Y: The biggest advice I would give would be to make as many friends as you can and involve yourself in all the activities provided! Just be open and talkative and once you find the right group of friends, your stay will be really enjoyable! I had an amazing time here, and I hope you will too!


We would like to thank Yukiko for coming and being such a great student. We hope you come visit us again. Good luck with your regular school!
Seiritsu Gakuen staff and students



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