May 31, 2013

International Students University Library visit and Walk

On Wednesday May 29th the International Students went on an excursion to Sophia University's library, where they were kindly allowed to use the facilities for researching their term projects.

This is part of the International Department's commitment to developing all international students' critical thinking and research technique, and it was a privilege for them to be able to use such an establishment for their studies.

After using the library, as well as stopping for lunch, the department then went on a short walk from the university grounds to the national Sumo stadium in Yoyogi. En route we stopped and talked about various buildings and their histories, such as Akasaka palace and Meiji Park. This information is always very valuable in helping the students understand the culture and development of the city.

International Department Coordinator

May 27, 2013

Connor's May web post update

Connor here!

It's been a while since my last post and since then a lot has happened.


Our soccer club team has been doing well. We have been training four days per week and playing two games at weekends. So far, we have yet to lose a game in the Premier League - or concede a goal - which is amazing! Unfortunately I have been injured for the past three weeks; however prior to that I was able to score my first double for Seiritsu, which was great!

School is also moving along nicely as my knowledge of the Japanese language increases. But learning kanji is a nightmare there are so many characters!


May 15, 2013

May webpost update from Binita!

Howdy, all! Binita here!

As it heats up here in Japan, there have been countless days of good weather to explore the city in. The other day, Chase and I headed out in search of some cultural entertainment. We found it at the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya.


Founded to enshrine the deified souls of Emperor Meiji and his wife in 1920, the shrine lies in the heart of an artificially planted forest in the middle of Tokyo. Along with a 175 acre garden to get lost in, the shrine is also a hot spot for Shinto ceremonies of every kind: the ongoing wedding we and a couple dozen other tourists could watch as their procession walked the grounds, for example. As it holds many kinds of festivals throughout the year, I'll certainly be visiting again!

The shrine's webpage can be found here, as well as a list of yearly events.

May 5, 2013

Chase's Golden Week blog post!

Chase here!

During the long break Binita and l went out and did various things; we went to Roppongi to see people in giraffe suits walking on stilts, to the local temple where an older man gave us a tour around the temple. We also went to the park near our house for the afternoon on a different day, It was really windy. On Sunday to Koenji to see various street performers, and went to a picnic at Yoyogi park with a large group of multinational families the day after.


When we went to Koenji there was a huge amount of people all wandering around looking for the hourly shows that were taking place in various areas around the station. Binita and I ended up finding a magician that was doing some really interesting tricks, from being able to swallow a whole blown up balloon, to getting a 50\ coin to magically cut through a 1000\ note without actually cutting the money.


While we were leaving we saw a strange bird like guy with large black wings making its way down into an alley with lots of people which ended up being a parade for interesting monsters, we saw an octopus man, and steam punk bird man, two large eyes wearing suits, and even a Kappa. So we ended up following them around for a while until we decided we wanted to leave.

It was a fun couple of days and we will be doing more interesting things in the next coming weeks.

May 4, 2013

Binita's Golden Week Web Post!

For the 5 days the international students had off between Golden Week holidays, Chase and I were barely at our home stay. Each day, we went out and saw something new, or at least, it was new to me. On the 25th, we went to the temple closest to our home stay. While admiring the sights, we were approached by an energetic man who went by the name Old Man Mameda.


Still energetic at 80, Old Man Mameda considered himself something of the temple's very own tour guide, using his English fluency to pick out foreign visitors and show them around. As he was well versed in the temple's history, as well as the names of every kind of flower in the gardens, he certainly added something to our visit that we wouldn't have been able to experience on our own.

The webpage for the temple can be found here (Japanese).



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