November 2, 2017

News from our student in the US

Hello everyone,

We have a student from our high school who is now currently studying in America.
He is in our “Naishin” class - which means he was in our junior high and moved up into the high school - and he has chosen to study abroad in his first year of high school.

We put up a few messages from him before and this here is his most recent update.
I will post the Japanese here and below that will be the English translation. I hope you enjoy reading his adventures.

1.2ヶ月前の僕は、イメージしていた留学と今の留学がかけ離れすぎていて、なぜ留学をしようと思ったのかわからなくなっていました。それがもう3ヶ月経ち、今ではそんなこと全く考えなくなりました。要するにもう慣れた!!まだまだ授業のスピードにはついていけないし、友達の話が理解できないことも多々ありますが少しずつそれにも対応できるよになってきました?!! 自分でもよくわかりませんがとりあえず今は前より楽しいです。この間は家族でアーカンソー州へ旅行に行ってきました!東京では決して触れることのできない大自然、真っ赤っかな紅葉に唖然!口が開いたまま3分ほど閉まりませんでした笑笑。パターゴルフ、マジックショー、大自然の中の教会にも連れて行ってもらいました。濃い時間をホストファミリーと過ごし、また1つ仲が深まった気がします。来週、レスリングの大会があります。負ける気が一切しません。今までの練習の成果を十分に発揮して優勝しようと思います。


When you talk to exchange students, you often hear them say “you’ll get used to it after three months.” One or two months ago, if you had asked me how I was feeling, I would’ve said that I was very unsure why I was doing the exchange because it was so different from what I had imagined before. But now that the three months has passed, I am not thinking like that at all anymore. In fact, I have actually gotten used to it. I still haven’t totally adjusted to the speed of the language in the classes and I can’t understand everything that my friends are saying, but I am starting to be able to respond and react to that and to adjust accordingly. And I’m certainly enjoying it all a lot more now.

The other day I went on a trip to Arkansas with my host family. I was awestruck by the nature and the beauty of the changing leaves. I probably stood there for about three minutes with my wide mouth wide open in shock. My host family took me to church and putter golf and a magic show and many other exciting things surrounded by this wonderful nature. It was another chance to deepen the bonds with my host family.
Next week I have a wrestling tournament. I have no thoughts of losing. I will do my best after all the hard training I’ve done and I expect to win.



It is exciting to see how much he is experiencing and growing. We are very proud of all the hard work he is putting in, and we know he is going to get so much out of this adventure.

Take care, Shobu!



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