December 20, 2018

Rebecca's eventful 4th term

This term at Seiritsu was really a busy one!

First our singing club went to sing at the Kitaku singing festival. We sang two songs! One is called "Kokoro no Hitomi". I love this song so much! I wish I could sing it everyday! We worked so hard and the audience all clapped their hands for us! We were all so happy!

20181220 Rebecca blog 2.jpg

20181220 Rebecca blog 1.jpg

The other unforgettable thing that I did was climb Takao mountain with my friend. I met my friend at the station. We first rid on the Takao Touzan railway. It is the steepest railway line in Japan, operated once every 15 minutes, with the entire ride taking 5 minutes. It was getting more and more slippery as the car went on and on. It was really a wonderful experience. We climbed for 30 minutes, and we had all kinds of delicious food on the way to the top! We had tenguyaki, dango, mushroom soup and oden! The most famous one there was the tenguyaki, but I liked the dango best. It was the best dango I have ever had!

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We finally reached the summit of the mountain! It was just the time for sunset! The view was so good as we had an overview the city. We enjoyed the sunset and the maple leaves. We also saw Mt Fuji beyond the sunset! What a wonderful day!!!!!

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