October 20, 2018

Scarlett's October blog

I went to Nikko last month and it was so refreshing to be in the countryside and away from the pollution of Tokyo.

Sadly the maple leaves were not in full bloom but I still enjoyed my time staying at my first onsen, visiting Tosho-Gu shrine, and seeing the Shinkyo bridge.

20181020 Scarlett oct blog 2.jpg

The best part of my trip was waking up and going straight to relax in the outside onsen which had stunning views of the river.

20181020 Scarlett oct blog 4.jpg

As Nikko is famous for strawberries I tried some delicious strawberry ice-cream..

20181020 Scarlett oct blog 1.jpg

..and also tried Yuba cooked in lots of different ways.

20181020 Scarlett Oct blog 3.jpg

Next month I will be going to Hakone so if you have any advice/tips then let me know.

Peace out.



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